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Please help me decide between these speakers

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After reading the helpful posts in the forum, I've narrowed my choices a little bit. However, I still don't know which set of speakers to buy. Here are my choices:

Energy Take Classic 5.1

Klipsch HD 500

Boston Acoustics speakers that come with the Denon DHT-591BA combo.

I also ran into the Mirage MX 5.1. What am I getting for the additional money?

I will be using these speakers primarily for movies and only rarely music. My family room is at least 12' x 17' with 9' ceilings. Thanks! It's so hard to buy speakers when you can't hear them for yourself first!
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Energy is generally more power hungry than Klipsch , but I like the way they sound..
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That room size is borderline for the size of those speakers.
My opinion: 1 Boston
2 Klipsch
3 Energy
I have not heard the specific models you listed but, this is the order of the brands I like here.
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The energy take classic is the set to get they are the highest rated...

And the energy aren't power hungry at all

Here is a review of that set up

The bostons have a weak subwoofer, the klipsch struggled in a 15x15 listening room when I tried them

The energy are by far the best out of the ones you wanted
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