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Yamaha Stereo Receiver help!

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I have a Yamaha RX-496 Natural Sound Stereo Receiver. I have a big problem. I just got brand new speakers as a Christmas gift from my audiophile uncle and my receiver is acting weird. Whenever I have my input device selected (such as aux, cd, tape, phono) I can here it through another input (such as having aux selected and then selecting cd and hearing the music from aux). This problem applies to all inputs except for tuner. Just to let you know, the input selection types are buttons, not knobs that could get stuck or dirty. Everything has been working excellent for this receiver and I have no clue what is up with it. Any help would be well appreciated.
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You hear it faintly from the other input like it's bleeding though, or is it at full level like it's not switching at all?
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Just in case, check the connections for your components. The condition you describe can be caused by an accidentally reversed input/output connection.
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try reinitializing the processor on the receiver. Your manual should tell you how to do it.
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