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Vizio M550NV no 5Ghz wireless-N WiFi?

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I recently purchased the Vizio M550NV Razor tv. Overall, I have to say this is probably one of the best deals going, right now. It has a great picture, easy setup, good sound, and all of this at a good (competitive) price.

My only complaint... I spent many hours trying to get this TV to connect to a 5Ghz wireless-N signal, but no luck. After speaking with Vizio tech support today, I found out that this TV does not support the 5Ghz frequency, only the slower 2.4Ghz wireless-N frequency. This is in direct conflict to a tech support agent I spoke with a few days earlier who told me that the TV does support both Wireless-N frequencies.

Anyway, I am unable to connect to the 5Ghz wireless-N frequency. As a result, the Vizio Apps (internet widgets) can be a bit problematic. For example, when connecting to Netflix to browse movies, we sometimes have to restart the application because the movie browser doesn't load properly. Once we start streaming a movie, all appears to be fine. Also, when trying to connect to sites that stream full HDX movies, like Vudu, I get warnings about internet speed.

If there's anyone out there with this TV who IS connected to 5Ghz wireless-N, please post and tell me what the trick is.

Also, I'm wondering if I would be better-off to get a 5Ghz wireless access point, put it next to the TV and plug an Ethernet cable into the port on the back? Maybe that would solve my problems?

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Did you ever reslove this? I just realized your post is from 2010, and even the new 2013 M series just released still only is at 2.4ghz it seems, but is advertized as N. I'm confused as to why.
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The Vizio TV that I bought will only do the 2.4GHz wireless-N, it does not support the 5Ghz signal. However, that was not my problem with the internet speed. The slowness was caused by the IP address that I had entered in the network setting part of the setup. At that time, I had all my devices pointing to the Besafe (or Besecure) servers for filtering. Something about that was causing the download speed to be very slow on this device. I have since switched to the filtered IP addresses at OpenDNS, and that fixed the problem instantly. I did this at my router, so all devices in my house are automatically filtered. BTW - their service is free and easy to setup.
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Cool, good to know. Sad to know that Vizio's 2013 M series tv's still are only single band N and not dual. But it's not worth returning a set that looks this good. Worst case, go hardwired if you need the quicker speed.
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I hooked up hardwired for fun, just to test it, and the speed test on the tv doesn't show any faster, about 7.5 mb down still. Normal? I have 50mb down service. Just wondering. Browsing/loading speed, etc when hardwired isn't any quicker it seems.
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Yeah, this is yet another reply to a super old thread, but...

I was reading through here because I was trying to find out if my vizio tv would do 5ghz. A couple of thoughts:

-The 5ghz band isn't inherently faster than the 2.4ghz, but it IS less cluttered with traffic from every standard wireless device made in the last 20 years.

-As I'm sure you've sorted out since the OP, it's irrelevant what wireless band an access point is running if you're going to hardwire it in.

-OpenDNS is definitely a wonderful service, only wish DynDNS was still free :/

-It's really lame that Vizio still hasn't gotten around to offering connectivity to the 5ghz band. How much more could that possibly cost to add in?? It'd be even better if they could draw from both bands simultaneously, but even just a simple choice would be nice, esspecially since it could improve our viewing experience with their TV. :/
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