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Help me choose Samsung or LG

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Hello, everyone

I was going to get the LG42ld450 but was sold out but then went to best buy and bought the samsung ln40c500, I know that the lg has some more inputs than the samsung and is 2" more. I don't mind about the inputs as I won't be connecting more than a DVD/VCR combo. As this will not be the main tv.

Samsung LN40c500

LG 42ld450

So I'm just checking with you guys if the LG is better than the samsung, in quality and durability and maybe something else that I left out and if it is worth the extra 2" of the TV.
Don't forget the connectivity I don't mind if the lg has more than the samsung.

Both will cost me the same and I got a raincheck on the price for the LG so I have 30 days to return the Samsung and get the LG.

Thank you for your guys help as I think I should be able to get more better reviews here than reading the reviews on bestbuy and Amazon.
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Normally, I would suggest the Samsung (I own two Samsungs myself... different models). However, in this case as much as the LG 42LD450 has been recommended by reviewers and users alike, if these are the only two units you are considering, I would feel very comfortable agreeing that the LG may very well be the best choice.
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I think I will go with the LG. So I'll stick with the samsung until the LG comes back into stock at my local frys as I have a 30 day raincheck on the price so I'll wait. They said they'll receive until next week so I will see. The good think that best buy has a 30 day return with no restocking fees.

My decision was because of 2 forums saying that the LG might be a better way to go and that the LG has 2" more and higher contrast ratio.

Thank you
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If all you are connecting is a dvd/vcr combo, which is SD, I don't think you will find any reason to buy one over the other, other than size, and the bigger the tv gets with an SD signal, the worse the picture looks. If you like what you have, stay with it.
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both model equally good. however, if you need swivel stand LG is the one http://tv-compare.blogspot.com/2010/...-ln40c500.html
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Both have swivel stands and I will be hanging the TV up.
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