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Component baluns and matrix switches

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New construction.
Want to do my own wiring.
Am planning on doing Cat6a to all A/V components and to use baluns to convert signals for the runs.

I've read about too many issues with HDMI matrix switchers and am thinking about a component switcher and component baluns.

Has anyone tried the following devices?

SECO-LARM Enforcer Component Wall Plate (on SmartHome.com)

SECO-LARM Component Balun (on SmartHome.com)

What about any Component Switchers?

Is there any reason to use HDMI over Component?

I was under the impression that component would transmit the same quality video as HDMI. Am I wrong? It should work in all content being transmitted, right?

Thanks in advance,
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HDMI has the potential to be a higher quality than component. It depends on the source, but component tops out at 1080i, where HDMI will do 1080P and beyond. With 1080P content like blu-ray, this will matter. The other issue is that component is getting phased out due to the "analog sunset." Component is an analog technology without copy protection where HDMI is digital. Already you will find not every blu-ray player has component outputs, another example is the AppleTV which does not have component. Eventually on new devices component will disappear.

Again it depends on the application but you are definitely buying into a dying technology with component.

There are getting to be some great HDMI matrix switchers. By the time you factor in baluns to extend the video signal whether it be HDMI or component, you may consider an HDMI matrix that has cat5 outputs directly on it like the B-210-HDMATRIX-4x4. It has been very reliable and full featured in my experience.
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What he said.

A year ago i would have probably said go with component and save yourself some hair pulling but IMO we are definitely nearing the end of components life cycle so anyone planning new construction should be looking for an HDMI solution. As far as what products to use? Depends on your application. How many sources & displays?
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I am using a crosspoint matrix switcher and component baluns and they work great. I cannot comment on the smarthome products that you mentioned, but I will agree with the previous responses. If you can find an HDMI matrix switcher that meets your needs go that way. Component is getting harder and harder to find. I built an HTPC over the holidays and I really struggled to find a "newer" video card that would support component. I couldn't very many motherboards with built in component, but there were lots of options with HDMI on board.
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I agree with the above posters, component will lead to less problems but is going to be phased out (started). HDMI is alot of headaches but it is getting a little easier to understand (I think anyway).

I found out the hard way that the best way to handle HDMI is to have every source on the HDMI switch to be exactly the same. For example, force the resolution to be the lesser of all the TVs on the switch and same with audio. If you have 4 TVs on the switch and 3 of them are 1080p and 1 is 720p, trust me and set all resolutions to be 720p or you may run into handshacking errors.

The good thing is, as component is being phased out, so will EDTVs and all will be able to accept 1080p so this will become a non-issue down the line.
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