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With WTLV-DT 13, it's either all or nothing. Use to be always on, but now quite frequently it's off. My configuration has not changed for about 2 months. The last change was to add a Channel Master UHF amplifier to the antenna. It was suppose to give me a 26 db gain, but the meter didn't reflect a stonger signal from WTLV. It was however, equally stable. That was a month to two months ago. For the past month, it's been up and down, mostly down at least when I'm checking it. Since no one else has been complaining, I was beginning to think it was just me and perhaps my tuner wasn't working. Now that 42 is working each evening, I have confidence that it's not my tuner or antenna.

I suppose they're just trying to get everything working to meet May 1st. By the way, I've not caught them doing any HD broadcasting since the Olympics ended. Has anyone else?

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As of 9:00 tonight, ABC is on the air with a digital signal on ch 10-1! It is 1080i upconverted NYPD Blue right now. Looks like 13 gave 10 its upconverter which is why we haven't gotten NBC upconverted in 2 months.(<--Speculation on my part).

BTW, very strong signal compared to 13 and the 13 subchannels are different on my 6000 now.

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Good signal on 10-1 also. Measuring "7 bars" on my Samsung (the same as DT-13 was originally broadcasting).

Speaking of which, still no signal on DT-13 that my tuner can lock onto. The meter is swinging wildly between 0 bars and 6 bars.
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Where do you live? I get a weak signal on 13 but I can still pick it up from Jax Beach. This is with a RS double bow tie and a cheap indoor antenna. On my 6000, I get a signal of about 90 for 10 and 42. About 63 or so on 13.
It takes a little while for the 6000 to lock onto the signal but eventually it stabilizes. My DTC-100 locks on pretty quick though. I suggest playing with your antenna.

And it seems as though the reason the subchannels changed was because the 6000 got a new software update today that fixed a mapping problem. (It would add an additional blank channel and would number it xx-1. Now the extra channels are all gone. :))

I guess the May deadline is actually approaching and we will finally see some results. (Good for our area.) Looks like we will have ABC(10) NBC(13) CBS(42 for now) and WB (34) all up . Now if we can get FOX/UPN and HD on something besides 42, (Program guides would be nice, too!!), we will be set.

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I can see 10-1 no problem but Politically Incorrect is 4x3. If I switch to 13-2 I get a full screen Politically Incorrect.

Tim Huey
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I could not see 10-1 at all. 13-1 was a solid 55 on the DTC-100 and 42-1 a solid 88. Checked this at 2145. I'll keep watching.

My test of the Rat Shack amplifier failed. Signal with amp inserted was no different than bipassed. I will be returning it tomorrow and begin shopping for a different antenna and dedicated feedline for OTA.
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Neither last night nor this morning am I getting channel 13. I'm still getting 10-1 and was getting 42-1 until they stopped transmitting late last night.

Since all of these transmissions originate from the same array of towers located on Southside Blvd, and I'm able to receive several of them continually and some of them only occasionally, I don't see how this is a antenna or tuner problem.

Again, for two months channel 13 was just fine. Channel 43 was fine when they were testing. Now Channel 42 and 10 are fine. For the past month including this morning, no channel 13. Every once in a while, channel 13 will reappear and be just fine, but then it will go away. It doesn't appear stable at all.

I'm using a Channel Master 4 bowtie high gain array, mounted in my attic, with a mast attached signal amplifer rated to boost the signal 26 db. I'm located 7 miles southwest of those towers in Brierwood.

The only thing that's changed in the past month is that more leaves are on the trees!
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The 1080i upconvert on 10-1 is 16:9 consisting of a 4x3 picture inside of black side bars. They are actually broadcasting the side bars so for some STBs you can't get rid of them depending on what type of display you tell it. (e.g. DTC-100 with a widescreen.) 42-1 is broadcast this way as well when there is no HD.

I was playing with my bedroom antenna last night(Cheap RCA settop job) and I could not get all three channels to stabilize at one setting. I would twist the adjuster knob(?) and some would come but not one. Move something, twist to different setting and then another would come in, but not the others. Very frustrating, but my bedroom is on the Eastern side of the house with three walls in the way facing the towers. My RS bow tie is working great though downstairs with a good lock on all three.(13 is lower though). Too bad they are all sold out of these now.

When I first moved here in Oct, I was able to get 13-1 on my 6000 with a wire FM antenna taped to the wall. They definitely messed with something during the Olympics.

I have an outdoor antenna but don't really want to screw with the install and cable runs on this rented house.

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In Orange Park I have 13-1, 13-2 53. 10-1 78 and 44-1 84. These signal strengths on Integra IT910S STB. Antenna is Channel Master 3020 mounted on roof. HDTV Mitsubishi WS55907.

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Wow, its like feast or famine with good Jax HD conversation.

Dick... Thanks for checking in. I haven't tried 10-1 yet, but it looks like a nice strong signal. Have you reported that yet to WJXX as Don suggested?

Paul... I must have the same two indoor antennas you have (cheap RCA and RS double bowtie). The RCA was working perfectly when we only had 13-1 and 13-2. I switched to the RS one when 42-1 came along because it gave me a much stronger signal. I know it's UHF only, but it seems to do OK with VHF. I've done some of the tweaks to make it work for VHF and remove the twinlead, blah, blah, blah. I can't say I've noticed too much of a difference. Have you tried these? By the way, I didn't know they were sold out of these. I though I saw one at the Avenues Mall the other day.

Jonathan... Although not as strong a signal, I can still tune in 13-1 and 13-2, especially if I move the antenna a little. I've definitely changed things, but it sounds like you haven't, so may something is going on. Any chance that UHF amplifier could be causing a problem?

Don... Not what I wanted to hear on the amp. I was thinking of trying one of those too to see if it helps stabilize some of these signals. What amp were you trying? What antenna are you going to look at next? Indoor or outdoor? Seems like I've spent the last several evenings just trying things with the antenna(s). I'm trying like hell to stick with an internal one. Wait... didn't a piece of wire or coat hanger work for you for a while?

Thanks... Ralph
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Yeah, I took off the twinlead. What is the VHF mod? It works good enough so I am not too worried about more tweaking. Like I said before, I picked up Orlando channels with it one day. I would love to get a second one but I haven't shopped around much. It is definitely worth the $20 or so since it consistly works well with these signals. The one I got was the last one at the RS down off JTB at the beach and it was a little bent up and had no box.
You can't get em online anymore and they are not restocking the stores anymore either. (A wire used to work for me too, go figure)

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Wait... didn't a piece of wire or coat hanger work for you for a while?
Yes, that is what I used just to check out the 13-1 channel right after they went on the air but when the Olympics began I added a terk 55 to the dish to get a bit more reliable signal on my DST50. It worked and I was able to get a good solid 13-1 at about 60 on the DTC-100. I did before and after signals readings and in no case did the RS amp improve the signal. I was disappointed. Today I bought a VHF/UHF yagi from RS and will get it installed later this week. It will have a separate feedline from the sat stuff. I'm hoping that will be all I need for awhile. I don't plan on trying to receive Orlando.

I was finally able to read the 10-1 signal but it is definitely weaker than 13 here. The fact that most of you are doing fine with it tells me my antenna is not working well in the VHF range that channel 10 occupies. The new yagi should correct that problem.

I also found the double bowtie RS antennas but will only buy one of these if the yagi doesn't work well for UHF.

PS, be sure to send in a signal report to WJXX and let them know you want HDTV 1080i for the ABC linup! IMPORTANT-- They need to know we are more than one out here waiting for ABC HDTV.
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For everyone that had an antenna they like from RadioShack try the Outlet center on Beach Blvd. I've gone in there quite a few times and each time I do they always have an eclectic array of antenni.

I bought a set top amplified rabbit ear/UHF antenna part #15-1856. I don't have it pluged in though. It works fine sitting in a closet with cable run to my RCA DTC-100. I get all Digital Channels with no problem.

Tim Huey
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I'm getting a nice, steady signal from 10-1. I get solid signals on 10-1, 42-1 and 42-2, but not so strong and steady on 13-1 and 13-2. I just let Bill at WJXX know.

One thing I don't understand (well, one of many things in life I don't understand). If they are able to send us a 1080i upconverted signal on 10-1, what is it they are missing to be able to send us HD? Is it the decoder so they can pick up HD from the network?

Thanks... Ralph
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Don, you mentioned that 10-1 comes in on the VHF band. Are you sure? (Did I even understand what you meant?) The reason I ask, is I'm only using a UHF antenna array, with the signal from those bowties passing through a FILTERING amplifier which is set to ONLY pass UHF.

My tuner, which gets this signal is receiving a very good level for 10-1. Actually now showing the signal strength that 13-1 & 2 use to have.

I can accept that I might be picking up a little bit of VHF, but I can't imagine that my setup would pass along enough for the signal to be that good.

What do you think?

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The ATSC pilot frequency is at 192.31 Mhz for ATSC channel 10. Unless the Politically correct crowd :) has changed the definition of "VHF" this is still in that range of 30 - 400 Mhz with UHF being the remainder of the TV channels.
Channel 13 is at 210.31 and is also in the VHF range.
Channel 14 is at 470.31 and is the first channel in the UHF range.

There are many reasons why you can pick up signals using a "UHF tuned" antenna but the most common one is that you are most likely within a major power lobe of the transmitting antenna pattern. The reason why I may be having a problem right now is because my antenna may be viewing a null lobe in its receiving pattern for that frequency. Since it is a loop design it may need nothing more than a simple bend or movement to pop that channel 10 signal right up. Obviously, having a receiving antenna this sensitive is not good. The double bowtie UHF design is built to be very unidirectional over a broad range of spectrum but particularly sensitive in the middle UHF range. A yagi UHF design is less broadband is more directional but has higher gain in the forward lobe. It also allows for a log periodic active element array that broadens it's spectrum and can be built for VHF-FM and UHF frequencies where each element becomes a director and reflector for the driven element in the middle. This is what I chose to use for my location. The disadvantage is that they are big and generally require outdoor exposure to work properly, especially in the VHF range.
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Thanks for that explanation. I obviously misunderstood something I had read elsewhere when I thought that all DT stations were transmitting on UHF. Given my setup it's no longer a mystery why I'm having problems with 13 now. It's only a mystery as to why I wasn't having problems all along. I'm just happy that I was able to watch all of the Olympics without incident!

All this translates into me needed to get a yagi (or someother VHF) and change the settings on my mast-mounted amplifier. It actually allows me to hook up two different antennas (one VHF and one UHF) and combine them onto one coax.

Given my distance from the towers (7 miles) and my desire to keep them all in the attic, can you recommend a model that I should look at?

Thank you,
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WTEV management has offered to "...step up to the plate..." and flip from UPN to CBS. They propose running Fox and UPN network programming on WAWS.

Compensation, lack of which killed the CBS deal with WJXT, isn't an issue for WTEV owner Clear Channel since they weren't being compensated anyway, the report stated.

Here's the story from Electronic Media:

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That is the current rumor here in town. Because of WTEV's interesting ownership and how the contracts are structured. They could easily be our next CBS affiliate. I don't know how this will affect us having CBS on digital (HDTV) other than it will probably delay it being until the end of tyhe year. Currently, WJXT, has the CBS HDTV equipemnt now and has told me they will air CBS HDTV programming until they are officially not a CBS affiliate. After that they will have to return the HDTV (CBS) equipment as it will not function except for CBS transponder, ie it has no use to a non-CBS affiliate.

So, it looks like another Fall season without HDTV on CBS for us in Jacksonville. WTEV is not scheduled to go DT until the end of the year. Of course we can all expect surprises as that has become the rule here in Jacksonville.

Meanwhile- the RUMOR mill on the street among us in the business is that WJXT employees are worried about their future. I hear they are privately getting their resume's updated, etc. It is highly unlikely they will remain the no 1 station in Jax and probably will lose their claim to the most expensive advertising dollars of all the stations. Time will tell but if history repeats, independent stations are quickly forgotten as the public all identifies with the big 3 networks.
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Sorry, I just saw that my post never made it to answer your question-

I just told you to check out the threads in the hardware section and see what others were using. There are some interesting photos of attic installs at:

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This just in from WJXT in answer to my question about HDTV programming from "independent WJXT" after the loss of CBS HDTV:

"You're Welcome!
We will be doing some of our own features and we have a few things on the
shelf so we will not want for programming.

Keep watching!"

Maybe we will get a real surprise from this PN station.
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If they are planning to be a news heavy network, methinks that they could do the news in HD. Ought to be interesting.

BTW, Jonathan, I am receiving the VHF stations fine on my RS double bowtie (it is supposed to be UHF only). If you are only 7 miles from the towers, I would think that you don't need an amp anyway. 13 is a little weak, but it probably doesn't matter what setup you have for that. Everyone is reporting that one weak. If 10 is coming in loud and clear for most, so should 13 (in theory). They are on the same tower from what I understand. Maybe we should wonder what power they are at. Until they start doing 1080i, this is a null point for me.

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Anyone got the phone number for WJXT?

I look forward to CSI in HDTV all week.
Tonight they don't flip the switch.

Can someone call? I already tried their main number 399-4000.
No luck.

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Anyone have anyway that I can contact WJXT for tonight?

CSI is supposed to be on tonight, Friday. I'm sure WJXT
won't pay attention then either.

They should sell their HD equipment. I'm sure they won't
need it once they turn independent and start showing more
local news.
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DR Jax

Send your engineering concerns to Hatfield@wjxt.com. This is not instant but I don't have a phone number for Jim Biggers, CE. When I called in before, I contacted their main switchboard and pressed the quick number for engineering. Keep in mind, WJXT is officially under testing and not officially on the air so calling Master control or programming won't do much good. Complaining to the engineers about programming issues will fall on deaf ears because they are busy running tests and couldn't give a R's A about whether you are entertained by their testing. Let them do their job and when they are officially on the air complain all you want to programming.
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A strange thing (for me) happened today. For the first time in over a week, I'm receiving channels 13-1 and 13-2! Signal strength 6 bars but great SD picture and sound. I haven't changed a thing either. Also receiving 10-1. 42-1 and 42-2 are not broadcasting yet. Perhaps this evening I'll have all three!

CSI on 42-1 looked great last night too, by the way...

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Do any of you think I would be able to receive your Jax stations 85-90 miles away in West Gainesville? If so, what minimum antenna rig do you think I would need.
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Check out these two websites: www.titantv.com and www.antennaweb.org/antennaweb/

They both will help you size the antenna you need and where to point it.

Good Luck!
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Thanks for the links.
They both only showed stations within my area. It doesn't tell me if I would be able to get the Jax stations. Anyone else?
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thaxx:I can get Orlando at night if weather is right.I live 90 -100 miles away in ST.Augustine.I have very large yagi with booster on a 30 ft pole.If it is cloudy or warm , no way.
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