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Nuvision NVU55FX10LS (mirror screen?)

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Anyone out there with experience with the new Nuvision 3D 55 inch TV? The price is steep, but is it a much better TV than Samsungs or Panasonics? The TV does look very handsome in person.....

Also, the mirror screen option (when TV is turned off) seems very cool. Does it actually work? If so, how?

I am getting an Oppo-93 blu-ray player, I am hoping this TV will go well with it.

I signed up on AVS forum to get some advice before making a final decision on the TV.

Thanks in advance.
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I have the NuVision 55 and think it is the best on the market. *Although, I am completely biased. *I am one of the owners of NuVision and am very proud of what we engineer. *Our engineers think through every aspect of the build to provide best in class image quality. *This includes integrating software, utilizing top of the line processors, grade A glass only... etc. *The bezel and exterior are a result of trying to provide a sleek design with no commercial logo clutter. *As environmentalists, we also use only materials that are recyclable with no mercury or other hazardous materials. *See our green credentials on NuVision.com. *

Our discerning audience wants the best and we hand build all of our units to meet specific needs and produce the best display. *We do not believe in mass production or the lack of quality it often produces. *NuVision also provides a two year warranty with a two day in home repair service. *We do so because premium service is what we would want and what our customers deserve.

The mirror is a nice option and looks great. *One caveat is that direct sunlight with the mirror option can produce glare. *We recommend evaluating the room environment carefully when deciding on this option. *In the right setting, it looks great.*

I hope my comments are helpful. *If you would like to discuss any technicalities with an Engineer, feel free to email*mike.aiken@nuvision.com. *Good luck with your decision.

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What the heck?
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Not quite what I was expecting.....was hoping to hear from an unbiased source but here goes anyway.....

How does the mirror screen work? I cannot seem to find any pictures on the internet showing the TV with the mirror on....
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Its a black 2 way mirror, and it is bonded directly to the LCD panel. Direct bonding eliminates any internal reflections, and the black mirror allows for a color correct picture. Silver mirrors skew the picture too green.
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Sorry, but just can't justify the price with only edge-lit and max 55 inches. Really need larger sizes and local-dimming to get me to fork out the kind of money they want for these things.

Edge-lit just doesn't cut it. Where are the locally-dimmed 60+ inch models?
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You need to go to see one in person for yourself. I got a look at one of their 55" LEDs (not positive which model) in a Magnolia a few months ago, and the look inexplicably amazing, edge-lit or not. The motion looked very natural with no noticeable artifacting. I didn't spend a whole lot of time with it, but it was hard to believe I wasn't watching a plasma.
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i did see it in person and was a little disappointed with the picture. it might have been the settings or the video source (cable). i had them put in a blu ray disc and the picture still didnt look as good as a panasonic vt25...

the tv did look beautiful, nice bezels etc...also, i find it a little worrying that there are no owners here...no offense mr. Dekker....

if only the vt25 wasn't so hideous looking....maybe i wait for the 2011 model...
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Next time, ask them to reset the unit back to factory defaults. If the picture did not look great, they or a customer probably played with settings and inadvertently altered the picture quality.
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I have seen them in person myself. But the NuVisions are always segregated by themselves, running their own demo content that is specifically designed to run on their display. It's hard to impress me that way. Let's see them run side by side with the top displays, running the same content, not content cherry-picked by the manufacturer to look good on their display. Admittedly, they have done a nice job with the design.

But it is still edge-lit and suffers from off-axis washout. Why should I pay so many thousands of dollars for a NuVision, which does not have blacks as deep as a 2008 Pioneer, and does not have the viewing angles of any plasma either.

Just for a pretty bezel and stylish design?

For several thousands of dollars, the least they could do is make a 65 inch version. And they need to add some local-dimming.

Some nice processing and a pretty bezel will only take you so far.
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I am gonna have to agree....I cannot justify the price either...
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Are we comparing plasma with led? If so, I would not argue that edge lit is a superior picture to plasma. It is just different. Some like it more ..others prefer plasma. Keep in mind that led fits in a chassis less than a 1/2 inch thick in total. You have to appreciate the tech that creates an ultra slim design. Trying to meet the needs of of various consumer types, we are coming out with a 63 inch plasma in March and our new and superior back lit led tech in a 72 inch in June. So we are addressing the larger sizes and have been listening to both our critics and supporters. If nothing else, we at NuVision remain committed to our mission of developing a high end brand and all that goes with it ...including service. We refuse to come out with lesser quality and environmentally unfriendly product in order to gain market share or be better positioned for the industry's ongoing price war.
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Originally Posted by ddekker View Post

If nothing else, we at NuVision remain committed to our mission of developing a high end brand and all that goes with it ...including service.

Right. And now the company is defunct. And I'm stuck with a fancy looking 52" brick on my wall. Anyone want a Nuvision Lucidium NVU52FX5 that seems to have a fried controller?
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