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Vantage QLink - how to issue host commands?

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Hello all,

first of all - happy NY

Second - I'm apologizing upfront if I'm at the wrong address, forum or topic line here, I just thought it might be worth asking.

I'm running a Vantage QLink controller in my home, which is used to automate controls, from lights to amplifiers that are powered through simple buttons on the keypads Vantage provides.

I've got access to the Vantage Designer Toolbox, and the QLink programming software executable - as our installer was so kind to let me configure the software side myself. I'm a web developer, and have been maintaining the system for some time now, easy as pie.

We originally purchased the QLink controller from Vantage as a way to provide us with a web interface in Macromedia Flash (now Adobe Flash) in 2003. Then Macromedia got bought by Adobe, and with all things going on like Ipads and Iphones, I'm dumping the whole Flash-as-a-controller-interface idea.

I'm now looking into setting up a simple webpage with a button, that sends a host command to the QLink controller, somehow. And that's where I'd need some information, if available.

I'm looking for a way to talk to the QLink controller over a known IP address (through Vantage IP enabler) and a known port - from one or another webserver-side script.

The Controller nor the IP enabler are able to run a website themselves, so I'm specifically looking for anything to be able to talk to the Controller itself, natively - on the command line (terminal). If I could get this to work, I can figure out the rest myself, and create interfaces for all the known loads and dim stations, as well as the other material that is connected ...

People have been working with this apparently, looking at

Vantage also has a Webpoint, which runs on Microsoft's IIS server, which is a no-go as I'm running Linux throughout the whole home.

If you'd need any more information regarding this issue, or if somebody could point me in some direction, it would be greatly appreciated. And if there is no information to be had here, that's as good an answer as any.

Thanks in advance, and for your time, as well.

Kind regards,
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You can do quite a bit with the Vantage system. Look in the help pages for "V-Commands".

Lance Beasley
ENCO Electronic Systems
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I'm pretty sure the comm port for vantage is port 3040. So, I would send a host command from your computer to the IP of the enabler and port 3040.
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@LanceBeasley - thanks for pointing that out. Vantage indeed seems to use a specific set of commands towards the Master Controller. I found a PDF on the Vantage FTP site through Google.

@AlexSquared - idd, port 3040 is the default port for QLink software to connect to on the Master Controller. However, I think I read somewhere that for the socket to be opened, you'd need to use port 3041. I set up a simpel server-side PHP socket that tries to connect to the IP Enabler's address, and while 3040 and other ports timeout immediately, 3041 keeps an open connection.
Mind - I should check this out more thoroughly, as I'm not sure about this ...

A bit more info about the V-Command structure maybe:

The format of each command is:
VXX{S} { {> }}

Where V is the command start character, XX is the 2-letter command, and S is an optional special character that overrides the default response format setup in the VCL command. The optional specify information for each command. All data sent and received over the RS232 interface should be in ASCII format and in all capital letters.

VSW 2 10 4 1[CR]
Regular Response: 1[CR]
Detailed Response: RSW 2 10 4 1[CR]
The VSW command executes the on function for switch number 4 on station 10 on master 2.

Let me get back to you guys later on - I'll be checking what is feasible with the socket connection, and the V-Commands I found.

Above all, thanks a lot!

Kind regards,
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I'm interestd in what your doing, I've tried using the webpoint but not a huge fan of it (I'm with you on linux vs windows) would love to see what you are working on. Any luck? Could you foward me the v-command doc?
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Originally Posted by classonde View Post
Could you foward me the v-command doc?
Nevermind, found the document. Interesting, should be easy enough to build a web interface. now only if I had more time on my hands.
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Hello classonde,

thanks for your message - I'm still struggling to find time myself, but I got some planned for next week, if all goes according to plan. I was going to send you the document with the references for VCommands, but since you already found it - I figured there's no need to send it anymore ...

The socket is fairly easy to implement, but running around to check whether all is working, each room separately - is going to take some time though

I'll post further updates here, if I'm able to move forward on this.

Kind regards,
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Hi all,

I bought a house that has a Vantage Qlink system and IP-enabler. I bought an app that allows me to control the system thru my Android phone (link below if you're curious). It works great but I'd like to send those commands direct thru the IP enabler do you know how I can connect and sent V Commands directly like this app does?



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