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Vizio audio problem

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Not too electronics savy so seeking help from this forum.

I purchased a 22" Vizio for my wife so she can us a TV in the bedroom.
We have ATT U-verse as our provider and have a DVR in the bedroom for this TV.
Essentially the ATT tech left it ready to go until we purchased the tv.

I simply unboxed the new tv and plugged it in.

It works fine with two exceptions:

First, the volume will increase and decrease on its own. We'll be watching and this change will happen. Very annoying and something I can't fix without help.

Second, have to use the Vizio remote to power on/off and the u-verse control for volume and changing channels.

Appreciate any assistance with this especially with the first issue I've listed above.

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How did you connect the boxes to the TV?
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More than likely the changing volume is simply commercials playing louder because they want to get your attention. They do this on purpose and it is very annoying. The FFC just recently outlawed this practice so help is on the way. Most audio receivers automatically try and fix this issue but most TV speakers aren't advanced enough to do this so you might just have to deal with it for now. As far as using the ATT remote to control the TV, that shouldn't be hard. See here.
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I understand that commercials go in and out regarding sound but I to have the same issues with increase and decrease in sound. My problem is not just commercials but actual network shows. Example, family guy on fox was horrible to sit threw. Some networks shows are better then others I noticed. If anyone has a fix please reply.
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