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Help- Pro Cinema 600 Subwoofer

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I recently purchased the Pro Cinema 600 5.1 system and a Denon AVR-1611 receiver. After I set it up everything was working great. Watched 2-3 blurays the sound was fantastic. I went on Vacation after only 1 days of using the system, came back 2 weeks later and now no sound is coming from the subwoofer.

-The 2 fronts, center, 2 rears are working
-The light indicator on the sub is on but no sound/bass is coming from it.
-I went through the Audyssey auto setup process with the Denon receiver again to see if that would fix the problem but it didn't

Has anyone experienced this problem with the Pro Cinema subs? Any help would be great. Thanks!
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I don't suppose you have had a response? - I have the exact problem with a Pro Sub 800. It has worked fine for 13 months or so, all of a sudden went silent. Its hooked up right, but no sound comes out (red LED is on)...
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To the OP and the first commenter. If your subwoofers are under warranty, contact Definitive Tech about getting them repaired under warranty. You will likely need to pay to-and-from shipping.

It is generally not cost-effective to get many subwoofers repaired locally (when not under warranty) because the costs run $200-330+ and the repairs are often guaranteed for 30-90 days. The difficulty is that there is considerable labor involved in locating defective parts and other (not failing) parts may fail within a short time after the first repair.

You need to do some checking on whether there has been a considerable number of repairs on the Definitive Tech subwoofers (I am assuming that they have generally been reliable.)
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I am having a similar problem with my 600 sub. I was reinstalling after moving (used for about 2.5 years) and as soon as i hooked it up I was getting intermittent loud static and overall it was much weaker than normal. I rechecked the connection and changed the cable, with the same result. An hour later, it was dead (light on, but no sound). I checked the fuse and it looks good. I have another sub i am going to try later and hopefully it is the sub and not the receiver.
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New ProCinema 600 speakers and all is well except no sound what so ever coming out of the SW. Connections seem fine and red light in on. Connected to a Denon 2112ci. Frustrating.
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Sorry to post on an old thread. I just received the Procinema 60.6 in the mail hooked it all up using method 1 with the two fronts going through the Sub and an RCA cable going from Subwoofer on back of my Denon 1612 to LFE on back of the sub. No sound from sub. Nothing. All other speakers work fine. Red light that is suppose to come on when it detects a 'signal' just stays on even when U unplug the sub and plug it back in. When I run Audyssey the setup does not detect my sub... Did I get a bad subwoofer or is there a certain setting that will turn this thing on?? It's very fustrating spending money like this and getting something that doesn't work properly. What should I do?
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Go into "Menu/Setup"
Select "Manual Setup/Speaker Setup"
Set "Subwoofer" to "Yes"

Bill C
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I've tried that no luck.
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Make SURE that you are using "Subwoofer OUT" on the receiver and not an input.

Not sure why you are running front speakers out of the subwoofer.

If your connections are all correct, then you have a bad amplifier ... send it back for a replacement.

Good Luck,

Bill C
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I have my AVR front L and R output to the subs LR inputs and then the LR speakers output from sub. DT suggests this method first to get better sound quality for Dolby.. I am thinking it is a bad amp. Not even a peep when I play with the RCA cable (lick finger tap on and of cable).
this is the cable I bought by the wayhttp://www.amazon.com/Mediabridge-Ultra-Series-Subwoofer-Cable/dp/B005DL5N2G it's the only thing other than the speakers that is hooked up to my receiver on the subwoofer out.
I'm hoping they'll fix my woofer! Or give me a new one..
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You don't usually use both high and low level inputs at the same time ... its one or the other (Speakers In/Out or just an RCA cable).
If you get no results using just ONE of the methods at a time, then YES it's bad and needs replacement.

Bill C
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