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need help. don't know where else to go : (

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hi avsforum. i've known about this site for a while but never really had a reason to post here before. now, i need some help; and hopefully you have the answers. ironic; for a forum that totes "audio" in it's title I'm surprised there isn't a guitar/bass/drums/keyboard (musical instruments in general) audio section that hasn't fine tuned a general audio setup or something of the sort yet. But if there is, mods please do not hesitate to move this thread to the appropriate section. Until that time comes, i come here to the amps, receivers and processors section hoping there are guitar (or musical instruments in general) enthusiast amongst you that can help. anyway, on to business.

recently got one of these for x-mas


from a relative who knew i played guitar but thought i had one of those ipod thingies. well, i don't (have an ipod, that is). However, the thing is basically a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter, with a headphone jack soldered into it for those of us who aren't ready to "share" our music with the world just yet. And i've recently got to the point where i want to start doing low-(non-existent in this case) budget recording on my PC so i thought i might as well use it.

now, i've recorded my guitar audio onto my pc before (through a microphone plugged into the red mic-in) and it has played back just fine, so i know my sound card is okay. i've gone throughout the internets looking for a solution; i've tried plugging it into the line-in (the blue connector) like many a youtube video tells me to, but no luck. the most i get is the standard buzzy grain that all line-in's and mic's give on a pc soundcard. i know i'm somewhat computer literate, but this thing has me feeling like a grade A Retard. before anyone asks, i'll give you the breakdown tree of my setup.

guitar-->line 6 POD-->guitar amp-->Headphone (aka "line out" on a guitar amp)--->iRig-->line in on PC sound card.

am i doing something wrong here? i've even done it to where it's as simple as

guitar-->iRig-->line in and/or microphone in on the PC sound card. still no luck.

so, would someone please enlighten me as to what i'm screwing up? would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: getting kind of late and need to get up early. will check this thread tomorrow afternoon, hopefully there will be an answer.
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I found your post pretty confusing to read. Kind of like you were thinking out loud, rather than writing

I think you have a setup I have never worked with using gear I don't understand making it even harder to follow.

I am not sure I understand, but if you want to record guitar to computer, there's options. One option is what they call an audio interface. Maybe you have one and I just don't know that you do. What I would do, if I were you, is call up Sweetwater.com. They are a great company to work with for pro audio needs. Explain your needs, and they may be able to help.

There are also pro audio forums where people speak that language. I know enough pro audio to work with synthesizers and programs like Logic and Acid, and my knowledge mostly ends about there.
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are you using a stereo cord???
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