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Hi y'all,
I wanted to get feedback to help me decide between the Panasonic TC-L32U22 & Sony Bravia KDL-32EX400. This was a dumb decision, but I went ahead and purchased the EX400 from Newegg when I could have ordered it from Amazon and saved 40 dollars due to tax. This was 3 days ago. Now, I've found this Panny HDTV and it looks promising; I searched for reviews on Negg and Amazon. The bonus is that it is $100 cheaper after everything's been calculated.

Now, I ask you veterans in this field, which one should I choose? The Panny uses an IPS panel, whereas the Bravia uses some kind of VA panel. I couldn't pin down the response time for the EX400 but a few have said 8ms - this also applies to the Panny.

Now, my purpose for the TV is to play with my PS3 and watch movies(not necessarily Bluray). I'm sitting in a 14x14 room, about 8 feet from the TV. It is eye level when sitting.

I've contemplated connecting computer speakers so sound may not be much of an issue. Please help me, I'm strapped for cash and advice would really help me out. Picture quality while gaming is most important. Ghosting? Lag? The works, please.

I have used the search function already, but was unable to find anything substantial. TIA.
*update* would also like to add this in the comparison: LG 32LD450