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Firmware for Olevia 242FHD-T11

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Does anyone have a working firmware for an Olevia 242FHD-T11 LCD Tv?

If so, can you post it up somewhere or email it to me?

Any help would be appreciated.

I did have mdc1_aq_242t_l_16b on it, tried doing an upgrade and now it won't turn on.

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(thanks admin for moving this thread in the correct category)
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I was supplied with the firmware from a member of this board. Thanks a lot!
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I could also use the firmware for an Olevia 242FHD-T11. I have replaced a few parts in it so now it is needing a firmware update. I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Thanks in advance.

Also if I can get it to work with a firmware update I will have some extra parts to get rid of. Another power supply (Not sure on its condition), main board, and three other boards.
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Send me a private message with your email address and i'll email you the firmware.
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Ok well I have replaced the power supply, main board, both backlight inverter boards on the sides as well as the board that has the power, volume, etc on it. Updated firmware and it still doesnt work. So I am not sure what is wrong with it..... But apparently all of the parts I replaced were still good.
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Are you getting correct voltage from the power supply? Is there no display or what? sound work?
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I dont have a meter anymore to check the voltage. ( meter was stolen ) I guess I need to go buy a new one. No display or sound. I can get the blue stand by light but that is it. I got this tv from my brother in hopes that I could fix it but as of right now no luck.
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Yeah, i'd get a meter and check the voltages.. Gotta start from there and make sure you're getting the correct voltages to all your boards.
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Not sure if I am going to mess with it much more lol. I didnt really need the tv, but he wanted to get it out of his way and now its in my way and the wife isnt too happy. If anyone needs any of the above mentioned boards let me know, they will be cheap. Other than that I guess the tv is going into storage out in the shop for now.
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Where are you located?
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Ozark, Arkansas
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Can someone send me the last firmware for 242TFHD ? thanks!
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I really need the last firmware update for the Olevia 242FHD-T11 ... anybody have it? Thanks!
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If anyone has working firmware for this model, please email me it at mjandwm98@yahoo.com I am TV-less for the Olympics! Thank you!
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can you send me the firmware for 242fhd-t11 if you still have it to dusttyler@msn.com
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I replaced a 242FHD-T11 main board (on my 42" Olevia) with one from the 247FHD-T11. It works but the picture decoding is a little fuzzy on every source. Do you think changing the firmware to 242 would fix it?
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