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Optoma GT720 3D Options Help

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Optoma GT720.
Core i7 Machine.
ATI Radeon HD 5770 (Also, have an unopened GTX 470. I am hopeing I can just bring this back, and use the HD 5770 that is already installed.)
Pioneer 3D pass-through Unit, with Pioneer home theater system.
3D Blu-ray drive in tower.


HDMI out from PC to Pioneer unit, HDMI out from Pioneer unit to GT720.


1: Do you need to use an emitter with the GT720? Or can you just use DLP Link glasses (Such as the Optoma ZD101 glasses), 3d content, PowerDVD 10, and enable 3D on the GT720, and be good to go?

2: Do you have to buy/use Nvidia 3D Vision? (The answer to question 1 should answer this, but just to be specific on this question.)

I appreciate everyone's time, and input!
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1: No, you don't need the emitter for blu ray 3d (and AFAIK, for games, if a third party game driver is installed, e.g. Iz3d). I have almost the same setup, except I do not go through a receiver - I read this is currently problematic with AMD cards.

Check out the Ultra-Clear dlp-link glasses (thread in 3d tech talk, "under $60").

2: No.
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Thanks for the response!

Could you please let me know the setup you currently have (i.e. Software, drivers, everything you have to get 3D working), I am having some issues getting it setup.

Thanks again.
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For 3d to the Optoma gt720 projector:
Powercolor HD 5450 in an x8 pcie slot of an AMD 790gx motherboard with Phenom 9950 (2.6GHz x4); LG BRD/HDDVD drive (at least 2x BRD); 4 GB RAM; HDMI 25 ft High speed (22AWG) directly to the projector; projector set to 3d DLP-link.

Running Win 7-64; no 3rd party codecs (besides Cyberlink); display set as primary (but it worked also as secondary), 720x1280 @120Hz as a monitor, projector recognized automatically as "Optoma D03" or similar ("D02"? can't remember).

Catalyst 10.12, fresh custom install, without the HDMI sound driver. Latest DirectX.

Sound through onboard analog ALC889a, 5.1 chanels to receiver.

Cyberlink PowerDVD10 Ultra Mark II build 23xx; in Configuraion, 3d output set to "NVision 3d monitor" or similar (I am sure about the "Nvision" part as it strikes me as odd on the Amd system). Input 3d format set to "auto" IIRC.

100" cheap Elite 1.1 gain screen; Ultra Clear DLP-link glasses. 12 ft viewing distance; (not completely) dark room. Standard lamp mode; did only some basic "looks good" brightness/contrast adjustment on the projector, and still like it.

Gorgious 3d; watched Deep Oceans, Despicable Me (native br3d); Star Wars V dvd (simulated 3d).

Good luck; it's worth it.
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I have the Optoma GT720, two Optoma DLP Link Glasses, Plextor external USB 3d capable blu-ray player on my laptop, PowerDVD 10, and Tron 3d.

So here is my config...

1.) Connect my HP Laptop (Probook 4510s) to my Optoma over HDMI

2.) Configure 1280 x 720 @ 120 Hz output

3.) My projector goes into 3D mode automatically and is in DLP Link mode

4.) Fire up Tron 3D using the PowerDVD software with 3D enabled in the software

5.) Glasses start to flicker

Unfortunately I do not see the picture in 3D . The picture does have the ghosted 3D image so I can tell the computer is sending the 3D image to the projector. (If I change turn off 3D in PowerDVD, the image goes to a 2D picture so I can tell the difference.)

Please note that my HP Laptop has an Intel Series 4 Express Chipset for Video. It outputs in 120Hz @ 1280x720 so I figure that is good enough. Also, Cyberlink has some "3D Ready" utility to verify your computer and display are 3D ready and it passes all tests.

Also, I have tried TMT5 as well and PowerDVD 11. I have tried all output modes in both software (side by side, checkerbox, analygraph, etc... etc...).

Does anyone know what may be the problem or any suggestions besides give up haha?

Thanks in advance for any help everyone.
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maby a better hdmi cable thats 1.4 ready, they are faster for the 120hz signal
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Originally Posted by henrik-t View Post

maby a better hdmi cable thats 1.4 ready, they are faster for the 120hz signal

Sure, that is a good suggestion. I will try that and let you guys know how it turns out.

Since my Projector seems to automatically switch to 3D when my laptop connects to it on 120MHz, I assume that it is passing the signal correctly. However, this is definitely a suggestion worth trying! THANKS and wish me luck .
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The cable should not make any difference for 720p@120Hz. I suspect it is the PowerDVD setting - it should be "Nvidia vision ready monitor" for 120Hz frame-sequential format. None of the formats you listed is 120Hz sequential. Try another player (e.g. TMT5), and check supported video hardware on Cyberlink's site (I don't trust the advisor, it is never correct).

Sorry, I don't not much experience with Intel graphics. I only know that only i3 2100 and up supports 3d. I don't know if the one you have matches that.
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Thanks for your suggestion. The cable did not help as you presumed.

Probably something to do with the drivers / laptop as I tried TMT5, PDVD10 and 11 and none worked.

I just ended up getting a 3d-xl which I'm putting through its paces right now with Tron 3D Blu-Ray, Vudu 3D movies, GT5 and Killzone 3 on my PS3 along with CoD on the xbox. Im also going to build a custom gaming PC with an ATI 6970 so all should be well soon.

Anyway, if worthy Ill share my experiences and most likely will need some help when figuring out my computer / 3d-xl / projector setup .

Wish me luck. Hope this stuff wasn't a waste of money haha.
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Hmm, I know when I enable the nVidia emmitter emulator I need to go into the GT700 settings and turn 3d mode from "Off" to "DLP-Link" to use my dlp link glasses, otherwise it assumes I'm using an emmitter. Maybe you just need to go from the default of emitter compatible to DLP-Link in the projector menu?
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Thanks for the suggestion if that was directed at me. My DLP Link was set.

FYI.... I got the 3D-XL and it works like a charm. Even side-by-side youtube works.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions in the meanwhile.
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Hi Everyone,

I could use some help here:

So here is what I have:
1. Core i7 with GeForce 540M (which i checked that it is capable of outputting 3D)
2. Optoma GT720 3D Ready
3. 3D Capable HDMI - From Amazon
4. 3D DLP Link Glasses - From Amazon -from 3DTV
5. Power DVD 12

Actually I have downloaded 3D movies which is like split screen (Mirror image ).
When I connect my projector to laptop and switch on the 3D glasses, the projector does not go in 3D mode (3D mode is not enabled) from the menu.

Any Suggestion what I am missing?
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