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AV Sync Issue...TV the problem???

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Hello All,

Last night I tried watching Anchorman on Blu-Ray. However, my A/V sync was off and I tried tweaking certain settings to help it out but to no avail. Also I notice it slightly with Gangs of NY Blu-Ray.

My Set-up: Samsung PN50C8000 TV, PS3 Slim Blu-Ray player, & Onkyo HT-7300 H.T.I.B. (receiver is Onkyo HT-R680). All Audio options on PS3 are set to bitstream.

To try and combat the sync issue I did the following:

Pause movie and try to let it catch back up,

Restart TV, PS3, Receiver multiple times

Turned the pS3 1080p/24 option from "On" to "Automatic"

Turn off Cinema Smooth Processing on TV

Disabled HDMI A/V Auto Sync on Receiver, Renabled once I figured that didnt make it work

Manually adjusting the delay time on receiver (goes in frequency of 10ms) from 0ms to 10ms to 20ms....the higher it got the worse it looked.

It seems as though I needed it to be set to -10ms if I had to describe how it was off.

Anyone have any similar experiences (preferably with a similar setup no biggy though if you have a different set up)? I feel like I did a bunch of things to offset this issue but it is still showing a difference. Anyways to make my Audio/Visual set up sync up better? Do you think this is my receiver taking those extra milliseconds to decode the audio from the PS3? The audio for this blu-ray is DTS Master HD.

Sorry for the long winded post but any help would be greatly appreciated. I posted this in Plasma Display section because I am unsure if my TV is what nees to be adjusted and figure you guys would have the best overall insight.


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You describe a scenario where you see stuff before it's heard (audio lag), and want the adjust the audio so that it plays earlier (so it syncs with the video).

I don't know your culprit, but most would argue that the receiver is to blame. Lets do a test by changing the PS3's audio settings to something less process intensive such as stereo (to eliminate all of the workload on the receiver). Post a reply with your findings.
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Thanks Acid Snow, I will try that out when I get home after work later on this evening, hopefully this will help get to the bottom of the issue.
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So I adjusted my delay to 200ms and it made the lip sync on point, I found that weird since when I would test out the delay at 50ms or 120ms or 100ms it looked like crap, and yes I did pause the movie then hit play and waited 15 seconds for catch up on all delay phases. I wonder how/why this worked...
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...I'm kinda confused, because your initial post you mention you already tried applying a few milliseconds of delay, an you thought it sounded worse; so I assumed you were suffering from Audio lag... When in fact, it seems you're suffering from Video lag, because as you just mentioned adding 200ms of delay [on the Audio] helped to fix your problem.

Well, at least it's working properly . I'm sure 200ms is just a quick fix, but be sure to try a few different movies, and fine-tune the ms of delay to be as accurate as possible. Audio is what makes film come alive, video is just icing on the cake.
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