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Compact Sub - Recommendations?

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Hi guys, I'm looking for tight, accurate, punchy bass. I'm looking for a small sub, but I'm not familiar with the downsides of those small, under the seat subs, are those generally less accurate than full speaker/ enclosures? Or is it just a question of the amount of sound being produced?

Also, what are some good compact subs?

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Listening tastes?

Amount of space you have available like mounting depth etc. MAX. I like to know max and work down from there.

I will suggest a good 8" sub in a small enclosure or better yet a 10" that likes a small enclosure.

Dayton 10HO in a small (.5-1 cu/ft) enclosure. Add a small Class D mono amp and you're pretty much good to go.
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get this to power it. Whatever you get.
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Budget: $200

Vehicle: '98 Honda Accord Sedan

Listening tastes: electronic, rock, jazz (Radiohead, Dave Matthews Band, Modeselektor, Flying Lotus, etc)

As far as available space, that depends on whether I use the trunk or not. I'm not looking for car shaking bass, I just want a respectable balanced amount. So should I still use the trunk, or would an under the seat solution still deliver high fidelity bass? That Dayton sub looks really nice, I'm just a little concerned that it will deliver too much sound.
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Get the Dayton 10HO and place it in a half cu/ft-ish sealed enclosure and power it with whatever amplifier you have. Mount it in the trunk and call it a day. it will give you a solid foundation that is accurate and musical. For the money, it will be hard to beat. As for output, that is a simple amplifier gain adjustment. I will bet, that you will be driving around with it turned up while having an ear to ear grin. They are that good and I know first hand how once you have that lower octave foundation how much more enjoyable music can be.
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Ok, thanks man, I think I'm going to go for it. As far as the enclosure, would something like this be ok? Maybe you could recommend something better?


Sorry for all the questions, it's my first time installing a sub.
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Looks perfect. Make sure you pre-drill the screw holes. It will save you splitting that wood. Also test fit the sub in the hole before you drill. There is a decent return policy if the sub does not fit and you do not want to attempt modification!

Good luck!
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One more question, do I need a capacitor for this setup?
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God no. Save your money. Caps are a waste of money generally.
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Ok one last question

Should I use any of this stuff? http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_...iber-Fill.html

I'm planning on getting that amp you mentioned.

And also, what gauge speaker wire and power wire do I need?
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That will work fine. You can also get the same stuffing at walmart around the same price. That Parts express amp may not have enough a$$ but for 10 bucks, its a cheap thing to try.
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