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I need some help here

I have a Sony Playstation hooked to th Optoma 3d-XL going through a Sony Reciever (3d compatible with passthrough) to a Benq W600+

I have it all hooked up and for some reason, the Benq projector will not recongize the 3d... when i go to the on screen display... 3D sync and 3D invert are both blacked out and unable to be turned on.

I have updated the firmware on the PS3 and have tried both 3D blu-ray and COD Black Ops with no luck. Once the movie goes to start, the Benq wont pick up the signal.

Any thoughts on what I am missing here??
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how can you control the 3d depth in this set up? xl converter + ps3 + optoma gt 700?
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I guess I can put an end to use 3DXL setting up 2 projector 3D. The HD33 comes with a function to Display the left or right frame of 3D content. We don’t need 3DXL anymore.

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how does it look?
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Originally Posted by Mrmy View Post

I guess I can put an end to use 3DXL setting up 2 projector 3D. The HD33 comes with a function to Display the left or right frame of 3D content. We don’t need 3DXL anymore.

That is huge. Does it really work?
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Originally Posted by John_Galt View Post

Well, I've done a lot of research on compatible glasses since my last post (which nobody responded to). Now I'm trying to narrow it down to see what the best option is. From what I gather, here are my choices:

I currently have three pairs of NVidia 3dVision glasses which I would like to be able to use if they're widely regarded as providing good PQ.
To use those, I could purchase this IR emitter off of Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Protocol-Gen2-Universal-Emitter-Glasses/dp/B004OUO3UU/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1353361883&sr=8-4&keywords=gen2+ir+nvidia

It would plug into the back of the unit and work with the NVidia glasses. There is only one review though, and I'm skeptical of dropping $65 for something without any feedback, especially considering the abundance of compatibility issues with 3D. Cost, $65

I could get this IR emitter which has been referenced in this thread http://www.amazon.com/3DTV-Corp-Emitter-Compatible-Mitsubishi/dp/B004SJRUEI/ref=?ie=UTF8&m=A1FTN8U0TJVR2G

It says it works with all Samsung compatible glasses, and most Mitsubishi glasses. Cost $59 plus I would have to buy additional glasses.

I could get this emitter which has also been referenced in this thread: http://www.ultimate3dheaven.com/3dtrformisa3.html

It says it is compatible with Samsung and Mitsubishi glasses. There seemed to be a few issues of people having trouble with this one in the thread though, although it seemed to be isolated incidents. Cost, $20 plus glasses.

So which route would be the best for best PQ and ease of use?

John: What glasses did you end up buying? I have 3DXL with Optoma HD66 and need to buy extra.

1) What are folks using for 2D to 3D convertor? It would be nice to view converted content as well.
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Just buy pass the Sony receiver, connect the PS3 directly to the 3DXL, It worked for me.
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Originally Posted by cnewsgrp View Post

John: What glasses did you end up buying? I have 3DXL with Optoma HD66 and need to buy extra.

1) What are folks using for 2D to 3D convertor? It would be nice to view converted content as well.

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I use these with my Optoma HD66 and 3D-XL converter, they work perfectly find with no IR emitter needed.
Look for them on Amazon.com
3DTV Corp DLP-LINK 3D Glasses 2 Pairs for ALL 3D Ready DLP Projectors and ALL Samsung and Mitsubishi DLP TV's
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I see its been awhile since anyone posted in this thread. I picked one of these babies up 3 weeks ago and I have been very satisfied. I've been eying the 3dxl since it first came out but there were other things that needed upgrading in my home theater first and at that time 3d was still a new novelty....not much content....fast forward 2 years and there still isn't a lot of content, lol. But it has expanded. Nonetheless I've been very pleased with this box. I'm using it with a PS3 and HD65 projector on a 120" screen. And I can honestly say I think the 3d experience beats my local theater. Colors are great. Effects are great. I'm using a 120" screen. For the most part brightness is not an issue but I did struggle a little with Amazing Spiderman which is a mostly dark movie. But I'm happy to say I was able to leave all of my 2d settings the same in 3d with the exception of brightness and Brilliant Color....both were kicked up a few notches....and that got me a great 3d picture. So for anyone out there thats debating over getting this box since its discontinued......I say buy it now! I was able to get mine from eBay for a little over $100 and that included the Optoma ZD101 glasses. Horrible glasses that hurt my nose and were uncomfortable. So I would recommend the True Depth DLP Link glasses. They are lighter, more comfortable and rechargeable and easily fit over regular glasses. Another thing I like about this box is the fact that it may allow you to hold on to your 1.3 receiver a little longer! The 1.3 output on the 3dxl worked fine with my Harman Kardon which allowed me to still use my receiver for my switching etc BUT a disadvantage of hitting the 3dxl first is the fact that it only outputs in 2 channel pcm.....so no surround sound. Not even lossy Dolby Digital.....so I'm still running through my receiver but I'm using optical for my sound on my ps3....will do the same with my cable box once I decide to get cable again, lol. As far as picture quality it is very hard for me to tell the difference between 720p 3d and 1080p 3d.....yes 720p should be softer looking but everything I've watched looks pretty darn sharp and clear. So I would highly recommend this box and a 3d ready dlp projector to anyone wanting to jump into 3d for as cheap as possible. you can get the 3dxl for $250.....or less if you're willing to wait and search......plus a hd66 for around 350. Add in 4 pairs of true depth glasses for $200 and you got a full setup for $800. Not bad at all.....even cheaper if you already have a 3d ready projector lying around. True the Optoma hd33 is only 1100 but add in the glasses and that takes you to 1300. And thats for the cheapest 3d projector thats 1080p. If you want one with more mounting flexibility with lens shift etc then you're looking at $1600 for last years Mitsubishi model or $2300 for this years model.....And at least $3000 for a JVC with 3d. So IMO $800 isn't bad if you're starting from scratch. You can use the money you save to get a nice 2d projector for everyday watching if you want 1080p and don't already have one. I'm happy to say that the 3dxl has gotten rid of my 3d upgrade hunger. I love DLP but I've always wanted to try a Lcos projector......well now I can pick up a nice JVC 2d one and not have to worry about selling my leg just to get a 3d one. LOL. Is this little box worth it? Yes! Is 3d on a huge screen better than 3d on a flat screen? Heck yes! Is this box getting harder to find? yes it is. Am i about to go enjoy some more 3d? Yes! lol.
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Hi iv a mitshibusi ex240u is 3d ready I bought the optoma 3dxl but can't get my projector to open the menu to switch to 3d mode it shows on screen as being in 120hz mode and in 3d but my projector won't hi light the mode??? Is it incomparable??
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What source are you driving it with? I used my 3DXL on a few different makes of 3D ready projos and it always seemed to work fine. Always using my Panasonic 3D BD player though.
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Hey all sorry if i shouldn't be posting on an old thread but i just bought a 3d xl to go with my Acer x110p projector. I hooked it up through a hdmi from 3d xl to hdfury and then to vga on projector with a 3d hdmi cable. All is well except the 3d xl screen is of to one side with a purple line down the side and flickers constantly. Anything i connect ps3,media player or pc has a bad picture and black's are purple. I tried different hdmis and short and long cables but no luck. Everything pc,ps3 work fine with a clear picture until i connect through 3d xl. I have updated firmware for 3dxl but no luck. Sorry for the long post but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks rob
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You probably need the 3DFury, but that costs enough you could get a much better projector instead.
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I read on another thread that it works with the Acer but they used another type of hdmi to vga adapter (much cheaper then the fury). Ive ordered one from amazon ill see how that works. Thanks for your help.
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