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Hi JG,

just to go back to VCD playback quality. In your opinion, which player plays VCDs better - Oppo or Sherwood? I personally found that VCDs can look watchable on a big screen [at least some of them] with the right player. For example, Star Wars 2 could be mistaken for a DVD by someone who does not know where to look wink.gif [this has happened actually]. So Sherwood does play VCDs better than any other player in my collection.
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Hey Jurid.

I am one of the few people I know who won't go ballistic when someone says they still enjoy watching VCDs. That is because, despite their lack of video quality they are more than watchable to me. This is especially the case with non FX driven VCDs like the Sixth Sense, My Columbo series and the Bambi Collection(for my daughter, I promise) just to name a few. You probably encounter a lot of comments in threads whenever (S)VCDS are brought up like. ..."Why bother with a crappy VCD?"...or..."You should just get the DVD, the picture is so much better" and so on. Like yourself, I can appreciate the VCD quality on Empire as well as my original "Planet of the Apes" collection
However, none of my original VCDs have ever approached DVD quality on either the Oppo or Sherwood. I would describe them more of a VHS quality. To answer your quastion both seemed pretty equal in terms of VCD playback but I would have to recomend the Oppo for only one reason, and it isn't image quality. During playback of some of my CD-is(I suspect you know this, but these are the commercially released VCDs in the US during the mid 90s), the Sherwood could not perform playback of the the 1st disc on of my my CD-i titles. This seems to have to do with the Menu screen the CD-is have an dI can't even skip the chapter yo get to the video. Other than that, both units did a good job.

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Hi Jeff,

thanks for the reply! Recently I have purchased a Pioneer BDP- 52fd at Bestbuy, they discarded some Magnolia inventory, so the price was quite cheap. The Pio is actually even better for VCD playback than Sherwood. I actually was surprised that it played VCDs at all. Can't compare to an Oppo, though, don't have one.
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i remember early on that Pioneer DVD players were reliable at VCD playback. Very surprised, as are you, that their Blu Ray player plays them though. There does seem to be a reluctance with some manufacturers about saying that their units play the format. I think they get grief from the movie studios due to VCDs being easy solution to bootlegging movies. That's why you have to sometimes do what you did and get a unit home to test what it plays.
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Some interesting development; Pioneer definitely plays VCDs very well, but if a VCD is of not good quality [an oxymoron, right? smile.gif] then it exaggerates its flaws. I found that an old Philips [pre-HDMI] plays those VCDs via Onkyo 605 [Farouja processing] through components quite acceptable, perhaps better than the Pioneer. It smooths out the picture somewhat.
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Just last week I had an excuse to watch some of my original VCDs. Rise of the Planet of the Apes was on HBO and I watched it with my son. When I told him how big a deal the original movie was when I was a little kid he wanted to see it. I got a great deal on the original Planet of the Apes VCD 5 movie set years ago from EurekaMovies.com(remember them?) for $26.00. That was when the DVD boxset came out for a little over $50.
We have gotten through the first two movies so far and I have to say that I am still impressed withthe image quality of these films on the Oppo. Except in some rare scenes when there is rapid water movement, I didn't notice any of the blocky like imaging that VCDs are known for. Again, very good job by the Oppo.
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