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DirecTV SD on HD DVR Receiver

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My ID says it all. I am recently unemployed and we are cutting back on everything to conserve our cash. I got D* to give me a $5/mth credit for 3 mths and had them drop my DVR service to begin with. I asked and thought they dropped the HD service as well but it does not look like it. The support guy was a little confusing saying that typically they require HD and DVR service on HD DVR receivers but he was letting me drop it due to my circumstance. Any reason that anyone knows of that they couldn't kill HD service and leave me with only SD?
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They usually require you to get HD programming when you get HD equipment. Also you must pay the DVR fee is you have DVRs, either HD or SD. Sounds like they're giving you a break. If you need further help talk to customer retention, if anyone can help they can.
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If you want SD-only, you usually have to drop down to an SD-only receiver, or they'll usually tack on some kind of "extra" charge to not carry HD using an HD-receiver (forget what the charge is actually called).

At least that's how I understood that they used to do it. Might have changed that, though (I have Dish and I know they used to do that, and I thought Direct did something similar - I think the charge was about 6 or 8 bucks or something like that last time I ever looked).

They might charge you to downgrade your equipment (HD to an SD receiver).
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If you sign up for auto bill pay you should be able to get them to waive the HD Access fee for 24 months. This usually requires at least the Choice Xtra package though.

The only other ways to drop HD access is to swap out all of your HD equipment for SD equipment, or if you live in a MPEG4 locals market they should be able to just turn off HD access (they only do this in MPEG4 locals markets though).
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