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DVD player for Tosh HD TV?  

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My new 65" Toshiba was delivered yesterday.

Since the Toshiba converts everything to 540P, do I need a progressive scan DVD player, or can I continue to use my Sony 7700?
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Since it converts everything SD to 540p, you probably wouldn't see any benefit of a progressive DVD player. Besides its would be hard to improve on the 7700 for interlaced performance.
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I also recently received a Toshiba 57HX81 and asked the same question. You definitely need a progressive scan DVD player..it does make a difference. I use Toshiba's SD5700 and the results are spectacular.
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I second that one. I have a 50H81 and the deinterlacer in the TV does not do justice to the one in my cheap SD4700 DVD player.
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Thanks guys. I did buy a Toshiba SD3750 and I have it hooked up.
So, I guess I'll keep it.
But I should really do an A/B comparison with the other HD input.
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Make that 3 votes! I recently purcased a Toshiba 65HX81 and immedialy got a progressive scan 5700. Chose this over the 4700 because it does HDCD decoding and I like the silver faceplate. I also have a first generation SD3008 unit. I have them both in the same rack. The diference isnt dramatic but very noticable in certan scenes. Very little motion art. / flickering, like light coming through blinds. Its a wonderful combo and I,m sure you will enjoy. My ONLY grip with the 65HX81 is it doesnt hold convergenceas good as it should and I wish it had more than 9 points!
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Fishman, your Tosh. has a 56-pt convergence available through the service menu. Go here and go to the Toshiba Tweaks section to learn how to do it. Your convergence will drift until your set is broken in....maybe 100hrs or so.
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I recently got a 16:9 HDTV and was simply floored at the difference in picture quality between letting the TV do the deinterlacing and letting the DVD Player do it. The DVD Player is much, MUCH better.
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Here we go again....

The difference in overall perceived picture quality between interlaced and progressive DVD is frequently as much or more dependent on the TV's calibration (both user and service level) as on the relative merits of deinterlacing in the two machines.

Many 480p-input-capable TVs have separate service level settings for 480i and 480p input scan rates. And most still run BOTH rates through the TV's scaler.

Unless you have had the set professionally calibrated for most accurate picture at both scan rates, you simply cannot assume that what you're seeing is entirely (or even primarily) a difference in deinterlacing quality. It could be explained by presence or absence of many other settings or problems such as sharpness, edge enhancement/SVM/ringing, bypass of various processing (e.g., bypass of aspect ratio control or PIP with 480p input only), etc.

Now certainly, if the TV's scaler lacks inverse telecine (film mode deinterlacing), the 480p DVD should look better in that one parameter, but that is just one parameter.

So I always advice caution on these types of comments, especially when advising someone on a purchase decision. The configuration that one person clearly sees as "better", may not be the best possible with the equipment at hand.
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Saam47: Thanks for the tip. I had no idea this was possible. I'll look into it. Funny, a so called factory rep came out and,he didnt know about this either. I actually purhased this set on line for only $3100. It was having some problems with its geometry. The crosshairs was not perfectly square and , therefore, impossible to properly converge. The rep had to arrange to have the set taken to their shop for repair. It turned out that the 3 CRT were loose during shipment. They said its not uncommon with a new product trying to make it to the marketplace and all parts are actually tighten by robotics/no human hand ever played a part in assembly/ so he said. Now, the geometry is perfect and all is well. I just cant imagine why they dont make this 56pt readily available and as a sellable feature. I thought that 9 would be fine since my first RP, a 94' model Hitachi (50UX18) has but 1 lonlely crosshair. By the way, its still has a bright picture, but needs a convergence chip! Amazing! Thanks again for your help! Dan the Fishman... P.S. I sell fish locally to some of the guys from "the Ranch" Even George comes in sometimes, but never buys. An interesting bunch of guys, esp. the sound guys.. Later
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