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Bentonville, AR: Antenna Recommendation

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For a little more than a year, I've been running a Win7 MC HTPC on an RCA ANT806 antenna as my TV source since I cut off the cable. I've loved being freed from the cable company but I'm having one issue with my current setup, I'm unable to pickup my local FOX station (24.1) in HD. I'm able to get it in SD on a sub-channel of the sister station which is much closer (51.2).

I'm looking at the Antenna Direct DB2, DB4, DB8, Denny's EZ-HD, and WineGard MS-2000. Can someone provide a recommendation on which would be the best for me? Feel free to recommend something else also.

With my current antenna location, I have a clear line of site to all the southern stations. The station to the north east, I currently pick it up through the roof just fine since it's so close. I'm thinking I don't need much of an upgrade because, I've been able to pickup 24.1 when the weather was just right.

Attached is my TV Fool info.

Here's the list of channels I want to receive.

5.1 (CBS)
13.1 (PBS)
24.1 (FOX)
29.1 (ABC)
34.1 (RTV)
51.1 (NBC)
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Please add location to the title of all antenna threads where location is a factor. See my edit.

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Lug77, welcome to the forum.

I live in Carroll County to the East of you. A lot of people in this area use a 4228HD to get the NWA channels of interest. KFTA (FOX-HD) is the hardest to get, because it is the farthest away and there are several hills in the path. But it should be doable. If you have a long coax run or plan to split to multiple TVs, add this low noise, high gain preamp.

Your current antenna is your main problem. Those are pretty, but seldom work well. And none of the AD "DB" models will work well for (KAFT PBS). The 4228HD should.

For more area-specific help, post in the Ft Smith/Fayetteville local thread, here or the Springfield/Joplin MO thread, here.
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DrDon - Thanks for updating the title.

arxaw - I've been surprised by how well my current antenna has done, I didn't really have high expectations for it when I first got it. Currently, I get all the stations I listed, except for KFTA (24.1) at or near full strength. KNWA (51.1) and KFTA (51.2) are the only I don't get at fully strength (80%) and this is only because where I have my antenna it's having to pick it up through the roof since they are north east while my antenna is pointed directly south. The rest of the stations have a clear line of site view, since I don't have any trees or buildings in my way.

As for KAFT, I have a friend with a DB2 installed in an attic that lives a few miles farther north than I from the tower and he gets it just fine. Also, I've read that many UHF antennas can pickup some VHF decently well, just not as well as a VHF designed antenna. Because of these things I wasn't too concerned about the DBs being UHF only.

Considering all this, do you still recommend I go with the 4228HD?

Thanks for all the info!
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Just ordered it. I'll let you know my results.
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Please do. Also please post it in the thread for your location, "Ft Smith/Fayetteville, AR" for the benefit of people in the area subscribe to that thread : http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...63765&page=157
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For any future readers - you can find my results on the Ft. Smith / Fayetteville thread.

Here's a link to the specific posts.
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