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CRE X1000 Worlds First 3 LED 3 LCD 1080p Projector..Anybody heard of these guys? - Page 42

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Originally Posted by omaa View Post

This looks like the same projector ? same price you paid?

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Originally Posted by sellmejunk View Post

Like I mentioned i bought my projector 2 years ago, the new one: i think its called the X2000-VX ?

I don't know whether there are typos but the X-2000 VX only uses 75W LED. That doesn't sound possilble for a claimed 3000lm output.

As a comparison, what's the LED power rating and lumen rating of X-1000?
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Originally Posted by sellmejunk View Post

Hi Omma,
Oh hey i wouldn't have thought you would have bought an X1000 Series when their newer ones was out?
Like I mentioned i bought my projector 2 years ago, the new one: i think its called the X2000-VX ?
i am unsure of price, perhaps it was more expensive, tho hopefully after reading some of the frustrations and mediocre posts on performance of the x1000, that you would have opted for the next (hopefully improved) version.

Pushing the tech forward is where i`m curious, did they fix the colours, did they take on board all the e-mails, feedback and suggestions to better the projector.

The x1000 maybe better anyways as in the x2000-VX they have reduced the bulb life by 10,000 hours down to 50,000 hours (which is still 24 times longer than a traditional bulb of 2,000 hours) tho on the plus side the X2000 -VX has a horizontal and vertical shift. You wouldn't have needed those mounting brackets they painfully included. I`d write to them and complain.

I thought for a really long time if i should buy the viewsonic pro9000 but opted it out because twice the price and no 3D, and this didn't look that bad everything in this projector is fixable. The only problem im having is the overscan issue which is related to the edid but it can be overridden easily in win7 but to fix it for ps3 its gonna need a rewritten EDID im gonna try to do it so ill get native resolution and overscan fixed.. btw the picture quality is better when using the override edid flag regedit..

x2000 is less quality machine, which is not any better than this one and the same price i think i made the right choice tho i could have bough a REAL 720p led projector.. Im using this as a TV..

EDIT: yes it looks the same and it is smile.gif i bought the NXL model (directly from hans) though i dont know how or where i can find this is NXL and not PX, also can be bought from aliexpress

This projector is great for sports i have to say at least for hockey smile.gif, otherwice i know there are way better projectors than this one and would not buy unless have time to calibrate and to fix the problems smile.gif.

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it looks like the 1000, the 2000 version has 2 dials for horizontal and vertical shift.
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Is hans on ebay?
This is the new one:
It supposedly is very energy efficient they have various models of the X2000 one is different lens maybe for smaller spaces as it only uses 30watts and the larger lens one whatever is like 75watts.
TheX1000 consumes 260 watts(i`ve tested with my watt meter) however their specs sheet claim160watts power consumption

Vertical and horizontal lens shift +- looks great

looks like they arent using the luminus pt-120 anymore in the x2000
Light source tech says : Lumi CG 80 ? anyone know if thats better or worse than the the PT-120
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Originally Posted by omaa View Post

x2000 is less quality machine, which is not any better than this one and the same price

Can you elabrate? From the spec sheet the x2000 is no worse than x1000. The only thing got me doubtful was the 75W LED. It consumes so much less power than x1000 yet claims the same lumens.
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Im starting to be more and more happy with the projector i've even made my own custom windows 7 drivers for this (to fix that overscan, correct positioning and native resolution), next im gonan try to reflash EDID so my ps3 will not have overscan.. I asked about flashing EDID and Hans told me "Frankly ,our engineer isn't so professional on software because the IC is from the supplier . we just buy it and use it ." So no help from there, just gotta learn by myself it seems smile.gif, powerstrip has a ability to flash EDID..

Im gonna tell my settings to save my 'own' settings somewhere if im gonna change them someday and i think i might play with nonlinear settings more still.

By the way every connection has its own settings including own non-linear settings, so i dont know how much they affect the quality but i've messed with mines a lot biggrin.gif

85 " screen (Greyish Screen "add correct paint code here")
projected from ~3 meters

R 100 / 255
G 100 / 255
B 33 / 0

R OFFSET 241/ 236
G OFFSET 197 / 124
B OFFSET 172 / 134

40 / Contrast 78
50 / Brightness 43

Im also using a nvidia control panel and i added digital vibrance (which boost the colors to get rid of that 'washed out colors', and settings are:
Adjust Desktop Colors settings:
Use Nvidia settings:
bright 50 %
Contrast Red 70 %, Green 80 % and Blue 70 %
Digital Vibrance 60 % (this makes a huge difference on colors..)
Hue +7 % (to fix skin color which were incorrect after digital vibrance)

There is my sample photo i took with same camera from Acer Monitor and from Projected image on greyish screen:

Correct screen might make a huge difference on image quality

BTW is there anybody here with knowledge about EDID bytes, i've been using Advanced EDID editor which is easy but would like some expert to look the edited edid code and if its safe to try flash it, and custom driver is pretty good fixed many issues when using in windows 7 (no more flickering and going crazy after resolution changes..)

Almost forgot this is how Hans said about their newer model and which is the reason i actually bought this 'older one' and because its using quality PT120 leds, for the same price i would still buy x1000nxl because of its 'better' components.
"Yes ,we have another full hd X2000-VX , its image quality is good as well . Yes ,its contrast is lower than X1000 , but in fact ,the difference isn't so big as the data shows .
We don't produce X1000 anymore cause its original cost is much higher than X2000 , we have X2000 to replace X1000, we just have very few X1000 unit in stock ."
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Thanks for posting pic with the monitor. I'm surprised that there is very little difference, eg the projector looks as good as the monitor.

So the X2000 is mainly for the inferior LED source, and a little lower contrast. But I think they used switch mode LED driver and got rid of that stupid and inefficient linear regulator (the 317 stuff). Power consumption is reduced significantly which is good.

Just not sure how much loss in lumen output. I wish there is a side to side comparison betwen x1000 and x2000.
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Why you can not understand, that chinese spec is a fully nuts? Their products can not be compeared with their specs. 75Watts LEDs can provide not more then 600-800 ANSI Lumens, using LCD tecnology matrixes. And this is only in ideal cases.
BTW, may be somebody can give a link for any pdf for this Lumi CG-80 LEDs, which they use in their no named (X2000-VX) proj ?
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Windows 7 driver still not 100% correct, i did get it working but the screen was a bit offset like 1-2 pixel row from up to down, so cant publish it for you guys yet and have not yet tried to update EDID!.

Anyway i did get custom resolution which will give you guys full 1x1 pixelmapping in windows 7 and for Nvidia cards!
Here are my settings:

Here some photos to show skintone, i think its pretty good at the moment a slight yellowness maybe (and that bluish tint), tho im not super hifi color accuracy nerd smile.gif.. (these are not from 1080p material, these are from HD TV which is i think 720p at best.

Here is notepad full of text so see the 'blurriness', there will be slight blurriness you will get ~95 % screen focused, but it will never be 100%.

Bottom-Left corner is the worst (my projector is upsidedown)

This is from 1080P movie, and with additional color calibration using my computer color management! (using PC and it has different settings and i think i've gotten rid of that blueishness when using PC, but DVB still has it, its harder to calibrate to get rid of it)

And for that "chinese specs are nuts", no they actually are not but as i told they use the specification of single component and yes that will never be 'correct' as lumens will be lost in the process of light flow through panels.. (contrast is not 100 000:1, tho i never believed them to be, but does the viewsonic pro9000 have? i dont think so biggrin.gif..)

Ledmaster how about your project changing the lens? and would you like to check the lumens again as i think my projector throws more lumens than yours at least when checking your picture couple months before..
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Great work on the custom resolution. I still don't have anytime to try it on my projector at the moment (new baby!), but look forward to the day you could flash your EDID.

As for the photos. Yeah, you could never get rid of the blue tint no matter what you do, but one thing you could try is to project an image for calibrating contrast and make sure you don't go overboard with the brightness and contrast. I noticed that if you lower it slightly from the maximum the tint of the white would change slightly too. You could then adjust it to your preference.

Also download the calibration files from http://www.avsforum.com/t/948496/avs-hd-709-blu-ray-mp4-calibration
I would be interested to see the amount of misconvergence on your projector and they have a few RGB on black images which would let you see this very clearly and these could also be used to focus your projector more accurately.

So far your blurriness seems quite bad. Maybe it is the camera? It maybe better to take 5 separate pictures of the four corners and the centre to see the difference in sharpness. You could also try repositioning your projector as it might be able to focus better if you adjust the keystone/image to a different height.
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Darn Omaa that is pretty darn blurry, not sure if ts camera your using, perhaps get a lens cloth and wipe the lens of the projector?

X2000 English Manual.pdf 4873k .pdf file

I sent an e-mail to Hans to find out any information about the X2000, he sent me a pdf of the x2000 manual (log into avs to download attached to this post.
In other news, Hans mentioned he is leaving CRE, i expect for another job, overall he was very nice and had a good attitude. His English was pretty good considering,

He said the main 2 are the X2000 -VX and PX models, the NX model they are no longer continuing (the 41watts model)
also 2 version of the lumi, CG 80 and CG 60 which I`m unclear about, as the manual says it uses the Mstar 6M182
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This is something all companies should be scared of, they are starting to "brand" their own handmade products and starting to sell them outside borders.. Imho all the 'brands' are gonna have tough time to battle with the chinese companies as if im honest almost everything except "shirts which are made in india.." are made in china (components at least, you can call "handmade by country" if you have assembled it in that country.. Tho major companies are gonna start using even cheaper labours as china is starting to grow much bigger and its gonna be too expensive in the coming years..

Bright Hadar 5.0 is that the short throw version or the long throw, the specifications are almost exact except 5000:1 contrast and 2800 ansi lumen..
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Well, you can put [lip]stick[er] on a pig, but it's still a pig.
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BTW, omaa, where did you get so many videos of men with vitiligo?
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Hi SellmeJunk,

Can you please send me the CRE X1000 English Manual which you have to my g-mail address nagesh.jayaram@gmail.com

Actually, I tried both the links from your AVS Forum, but both are having issues.
Also once you reply, I do have few questions for which, I definitely need your help.
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Hello Experts
New here. Thinking of getting 2000VX model. Main use home theater watching blue ray movies or other HD channels. Is this projector good for that. I am not a technical person and this is going to be my first projector. I liked the led bulb. The main issue I have is with contrast. At alibaba it says the contrast is 4000:1 but the sales lady states it is 100000:1 stating that it has not been updated on website. What is the truth. Does the contrast matters that much. Please help making the decision
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Contrast looks to be about 25:1 from the pictures and the one person in this thread who had previous experience.

Much better for much cheaper.
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hi guys

i just bought a projector but still they didnt shipped . its x2000vx with updated 100000:1 contrast ratio as the written in web
hopefully its true just if somebody have the same product please write it down
is that good one or bad if bad i can refund it still thanks .
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100000:1 is a chinese nonsense, 25:1 is more believable. Especially on LCD matrixes.
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Got mine today. Will try tonight. The sales rep said 100000:1 contrast but the box has 4000:1 on it. I ordered X2000vx model. It does not say anywhere that its vx model. States X2000. Let see how its quality wise. Can't wait to try it once done at work today
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Originally Posted by LEDMASTER View Post

100000:1 is a chinese nonsense, 25:1 is more believable. Especially on LCD matrixes.
Its all hype and crap! Across the board. So is the buzz word "matrix" unless you expect Neo to pop out of your screen and complain about taking the blue Pill!

Here is an article that trys to explain the junk science behind most of the specks used by people who have spent MANY hours trying to trick you into thinking their product is SOOO much better than the others. Bohanna
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i didnt understand really 25:1 is the contrast ratio or 25000:1 which one you mean
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hi lali

if you tried please write it down i ordered as well but still i didnt receive hopefully they are right thanks
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Would it not make more sense to start another thread about X2000 rather than continue this one, which should be dead long ago?
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Originally Posted by Ramin Sahel View Post

i didnt understand really 25:1 is the contrast ratio or 25000:1 which one you mean

No we mean 25:1. It's that crappy.
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I like it so far. I am not an expert but the projector delivers good picture. I can't say how good it is in comparison to other projectors in the market. I have a 120" screen and picture quality is good and its sharp enough even to watch during the day. I don't have a dedicated media room. At night its great. So for no complains especially considering the price.
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I think its a good idea to start new thread for X2000 model so we can share our experiences and may more experienced people can give their input to fine tune the colors on this machine
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The do so, or is somebody stopping you?
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