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Connecting HDTV Antenna to my Receiver

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Hi all,

I am a total home theater noob, but I just set my first system and I'm having trouble figuring out how to connect my HDTV antenna to my receiver.

My HDTV antenna has a standard coax cable coming out of the back. My instinct was to plug this directly into my receiver (Pioneer 1019), which outputs to my TV via HDMI. However, I just discovered that the only possible receiver input (labeled FM Antenna) is some sort of smooth, non-threaded port. I can't connect a coax cable to it at all. A Google search suggests it might be a European (PAL) port, but I'm not positive.

So the obvious question is: how can I connect my HDTV antenna to my receiver?

Potential options I can think of:
  • Purchase some sort of adapter so I can connect the coax cable to the non-threaded port
  • Plug the HDTV antenna's coax cable into the TV and run a digital optical audio cable out from the TV into the receiver. I don't even know if this would work, but it sounds somewhat reasonable to me.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - I just want to be able to watch the NFL playoffs in 5.1!
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Option B

The receiver, lacking a tuner, can't receive TV stations, so there's no good reason to connect the antenna.

The antenna connection on the receiver is for radio only
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Thanks for the helpful advice! I will pick up a digital optical audio cable today and see if I can't get everything working.
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Please read your manuals very carefully. An HDTV antenna is only for broadcast television. The antenna connects to the TV and nowhere else.

With modern HDMI receivers, you will likely not need your optical connection. I just replaced an eight year old THX receiver with a new one with HDMI connections. I no longer have three HDMI connections going from players to the TV and three optical connections going to a switching box, and need to switch sources on TV, receiver, and switching box each time I switch sources. I now just switch once the receiver.
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wwinkler, thanks for the response - let me ask a follow-up question based on your response, which may be the question I should have asked in the first place.

I currently have my HDTV antenna running into my TV via coax cable. I also have my home theater receiver running into my TV via HDMI. Currently, when I watch a Blu-ray movie or play PS3, I do so in surround sound thanks to my receiver. But when I watch broadcast TV via my HDTV antenna, I simply hear it through the TV speakers.

My question is: How can I listen to broadcast TV (via the HDTV antenna) in surround sound?
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your HDTV should have an Toslink optical "audio out" connection. Run an optical cable from the TV to an available optical input on the receiver. When you are watching over-the-air TV from your antenna, the optical output from the ATSC tuner in the TV will go to the receiver. You will need to switch the receiver from DVD input to TV input.
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Thank you for the clarification! I just placed an order for a digital optical audio cable, so I can get everything set up before the Jets - Steelers game. I appreciate all the help.
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What if my TV does not have an optical output.  I have Samsung LED 65" model UN65FH6001 which I got for a great price from bestbuy on Black Friday.  I have same issue where I get pic with tv speakers but can't use my 5.1 setup.

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