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From 5.1 to 3.1 in small room?

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I currently have a 5.1 HT setup in my smallish living room.
Dimensions are 13'x12' ceiling is 9' high.
My problem is: The surrounds (paradigm studio 20) are too close
to me and I cannot find a way for it to sound more realistic.
It's too close sounding. Initially had it all level matched but tried
lowering surrounds a few db. still unhappy with the delivery.
Great speakers but just too close to me to get proper dispersion.

I'm considering going 3.1. Have any of you been happy in your smaller room
with a simple 3.1 setup for movies?
I listen to music in 2.1 only and ratio is HT-60% / Music-40%

Thanks for any comments or opinions.
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I have a HT room about the same size as your room. The surrounds (after level matching) sound fine to me.

You can run a 3.1 system and have it sound reasonably good. Some people do not like to have wires running to the back of the room.
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Hmm, I suspect my trouble might be placement or treatment then.
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Placement can help a lot and in some case a switch to bipolar speakers mounted high enough so that it's not blasting into your ear. That assumes that your not right up against back and side walls.
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Are they on stands or do you have them mounted. If they are on stands, you could try mounting them about 3 feet above your seated ear level. ADPs are another option. I also have paradigms, I have a 5.1 studio setup and a 3.0 monitor setup. I'm trying to find some little cheap speakers for the 3.0 setup because it's just not the same as surround sound. It sounds good but it's just different.
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You've given us very little to go on here. Where are your speakers placed relative to your listening position? How is the room furnished? This info would help a great deal with the ability to provide placement suggestions that would give you more pleasing results.
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