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About time or The snobs kicking us out?  

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Its about time we RPTV guys got our own section. Unfortunatly I think it has more to do with the Projector snobs kicking us out, then us finnally getting the recognition we deserve. IMHO.:D
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Actually, there was a thread on the HDTV Programming forum wherein they were discussing the fact that there were a lot of discussions about specific local channels, and wondering if those threads should be broken out to a separate forum. This led into the fact being noted that there was a lot of RPTV and direct-view HDTV talk in the HDTV Hardware forum, and maybe those should be broken out as well. I think these fora were created less to get people out of certain areas, but more to make looking for information easier. For example, if I post a question about a 43-inch Toshiba HD RPTV on HDTV Hardware, it could drop way down on the page while several people discussing the ins and outs of various STBs drop in and post, leaving me to either 'bump' the message or hope that a kind person who tries to read every thread comes in and answers my question; conversely, if a lot of people post RPTV questions, then STB discussions can be neglected.

Overall, I think this is a smart way to do it...not only for the reasons above, but because we all have our preferences and needs in terms of which displays we are interested in, and this makes it a lot easier.

Then again...Those of us interested in RPTVs and direct-view sets ARE probably in lower tax brackets.....RICH FP/PLASMA SNOBS! ;)

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Actually, I paid less for my Sony 1270 projector than I did for my 50" hitachi RPTV. And I'm not a snob.
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Generally, RPTV got lost in the CRT forum. This move cuts both ways. Will be easier finding info and keeping up. However, most CRT forum participants are interested only in CRT front projectors so they might not be dropping off here often. We will lose some tech help.
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In Forum Feedback, Cathandler recently asked for a separate category for direct-view TV, and I had previously asked for a couple of new "Display" categories. I'd rather think that David answered our requests, instead of imagining that any given clique might have the power to redraw category boundaries by whim. ;)
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Whats this "FP snob" crap. Although I just bought my first projector I am still interested in progress in direct view/RPTV/plasma sets for viewing during the day without blocking out ambient light.

This new subdivision structure sure helps out in catagorizing interests better than the old format. I get the impression that some have time to read almost every post on the forum. I don't have time or interest to do that and really appreciate the new segregation of topics.
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I don't know about others, but my comment was meant as a joke. Front projectors these day, quite capable ones, can be had by the "average" enthusiast at pretty good prices. :)

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