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I'm currently running an 11.2 system off my Denon 4311 (see my profile for all system specs). However, I seem to have a bad case of speakeritus.

I'm currently running Atlantic Technology FS3200s on pedestals for my wides (leftovers from my old 7.2 system). Now I'm wondering if I can improve the sound quality from my wides by upgrading to some pedestal-based AT 4400 LR or AT 6200e LR.

I understand that wides are mostly for discrete sound, but if my overall soundstage and quality of sound can be improved by upgrading those wides (even if by a small margin), then I have no problem spending the cash for the better speakers. That being said, I don't want to spend that money unless my purchase will yield some kind of noticeable improvement.

Does anyone have any experience as to the difference quality makes in wide speaker selection?