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Polaroid HLM-3232 TUNER HELP

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In trying to save some money, we recently disconnected our Directv cable service to try and go with indoor antenna hookup. This worked for our daughter in her apartment duplex with a perfectly clear picture and many channels; unfortunately for us all we're receiving is fuzz / no signal. We tried a digital converter box after first trying the indoor antenna and both did not work. I also changed the input each time I changed the connection type.

Also wondering why I can't get in to the HDTV submenu from the Menu. As soon as I tab over to HDTV it just disappears back to the blank TV screen, all the other tabs work fine. TV was working fine with Directv, now I simply have a blank screen with no signal. TV is equipped with NTSC/ATSC tuners built-in.

Any assistance will be appreciated since I've probably read over 50 pages of online discussions.
Thanks, LM!!
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I am not familiar with the menu on the this TV. But make sure you scan for channels and that you have selected antenna not cable and that you are on the correct input. You do not need the converter box if the TV has an ATSC tuner.
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The scan options are located in the HDTV menu settings which I can't get in to. The input setting is on Antenna and the uhf/vhf antenna is connected to the antenna in. I've tried the HDTV input setting and HDTV antenna in back; however by reading the Polaroid manual, all the channel/scan settings are located in the HDTV menu.
I've even checked the information on the dtv site and we are in an area that should receive 1 vhf local and the rest are uhf and a few Hi-V...I'm thinking I'm understanding part of the time, but this is really confusing me now.
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Try hitting 3 on the remote. After a few seconds, this should bring up a snowy (analog) screen. Then try to access the menu.
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I can get to all the sub menus in TV/Antenna. When I do the channel search in this menu, only one is found (67). When I reconnect everything to the HDTV/Air Input, I go to the menu to access the HDTV setup and the menu closes when trying to scroll to HDTV to scan the channels (when I'm in the HDTV/Air Input). Screen turns blue with "no signal" at the top left. This is the only location to scan HD channels with additional options to manually add channels.
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Originally Posted by rlmohr View Post

...with additional options to manually add channels.

If you know the RF (aka "Real") channel numbers for the stations in your area, you should be able to manually add them from the "manual add" menu. If you don't know the RF channel numbers, enter your address at TVFool. On the results page, look at the "Real" channel column. The "virt" channels are the channels the stations use for ID, and are often different.
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Unless I can get in to the HDTV setup menu I cannot do any type of channel scan or channel additions. This TV is limited with available menu settings. I was able to get in to the factory settings by pressing the volume & channel up at the same time but still unable to get to the HDTV menu without it closing on me just as I tab over to the tab. It's already been an entire week of reading so many different forums and I still can't access any channels on this set. I may have to resort back to Directv @$100 bucks per month=(
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It would be cheaper to buy a decent TV.
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lol seriously!! Streaming the football game right now and that bites!! Thanks!
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