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Acerh5360 Projector and PPV 3D

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will i be able to use the Acer h5360 to watch PPV 3D movie titles?. i cant test it as i apparantly dont have the correct HDTV box from my provider.

But before i purchase the new one, will it even work?

Or do i need to wait for the 3D-XL unit

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Unless you want to build an HTPC, you will have to wait for the 3DXL.
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I have a htpc, but how is that going to help with ppv from my tv provider?
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I am curious about this as well.

I wantto do everything from my HTPC.
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You two will need to get an AVER Media HD DVR capture card. A program called stereoscopic player makes it work. Use the live view feature on the Aver Card.
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Will this work with the nvidia 3d kit, it also has a 3d player.

I have the acer 5360 and all I really want are the PPV 3d movies from Comcast to my computer.
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Yes... It should work. Others report it worked well.

I can't get the ave card to work reliably for me period though, just to warn you. It's the card itself. On every MB or system I try it on. I get either the GPU working reliably or the aver card working reliably but never both working reliably at the same time.
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Thanks for your help John. All is working well.
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The aver card is working very well thru HDMI from the DVR to the card. The 3d, comcast, looks very good as well. I downloaded the 3d software from the aver site and it worked right a way. I can't record from the computer, so I still record from the dvr.

I am now set up for everything I need to enjoy 3d from just about any source I choose.
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which specific AVERTV card are you all using??
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