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sub reco - new to audio!

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Just to preface, I'm new to audio in general. So much to learn but its all very intriguing! Any learning resources you can offer will help. I just bot an HK avr2600 for a good price and now I'm looking for a sub + speakers to complete the setup.

1. Budget - $500-600. Not terribly picky here, but I want to keep it within reason due to my novice ears.

2. Size requirements/limits - No preference here. Whatever will deliver the sound.

3. Room dimensions - Tricky...perhaps. Large, open living room. 17 x 17 with 15 ft ceilings that slope up to 20 ft halfway. Across from the main wall (where tv is) is the kitchen that has 2 open doors and a cutout/bar area. The tall ceiling however, flows throughout the first floor so its a very open space. First floor is approx 1800sq ft. I'll take pics if needed, but just trying to get the point that the room is not sealed by any means. Also, first floor entirely hardwood.

4. Primary Uses - 70% HT/TV, 20% games/ps3, 10% music

From my understand from reading threads it is best to stick with companies that specialize in subs (epik, hsu, etc). My biggest concern is given the openness of the living room - which brand/model of sub can deliver.

Also, any speaker recommendations will be helpful with an additional 500-600 budget. I don't plan on wiring for full surround right away so just front speakers (bookshelf or floor-standing?) will suffice.

Thanks for any input! I'm glad to be here

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Hsu VTF2.3
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