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If my question crosses the no price thing, please let me know and I'll delete or whatever. I checked the post on it and I don't think it does but...just in case.

I'm trying to decide on a new 55" and I'm fairly certain I'm going with the Vizio XVT's because of the TruLED local dimming, cost, and feature set. I currently have an older 720p 37" Vizio refurb and have been happy with it since I got it 4-5 years ago, so no worries on the Vizio name from me.

Now...the thing is I'm trying to determine which I want. They all seem to be close to the same and I can't find any direct comparisons on here (apologies if I somehow missed the thread in searching)...but this is how I see it:

- 552: Older technology, ugly design with the 'speaker bar'. - $1400
- 553: Better stying, otherwise the same as 552. Got cnet's top pick for 2010 - $1650
- 554: Real 240hz display (really 240hz, not the 120hz with strobbing to 240 like the above), 'decent' 3D - $1799

So....the issue I'm having how is is the 3d capability worth an extra $150...or, better yet, is the 553 worth $250 over the 552 just because of styling?

Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated.