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Got wire, now what?

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I'm building a new home and the more I read about this the more confused I'm getting.

I want a home theater in the basement that can house all the sources for the entire home. I was hoping for an Ipod dock, Xm, etc as well as video to each room. I planned out 12 zones all together. Each has a double gang box with 4-wire low voltage, one Cat5, and two speaker wires (four in the living room). The TV's have two rg6, and each room has at least two more Cat5 and RG6 to a single gang wall plate near the floor. Everything comes together at two lutron boxes in the basement.

I was considering something like the Audioaccess WHEN system but didn't have a lot of time to research more. I'd like to have good controllers but they seem to get quite high in price.

As well I'll be using the Lutron RR lighting throughout the house.

I need guidance, where do you start? I have a budget of $6-8000 as long as I keep it quiet from my wife.

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You start by reading more. Audioaccess/SpeakerCraft/Harman WHEN system has been mentioned very rarely online.

I doubt you'd really consider one.

Maybe Coby makes a WHA system?
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I'll check out Coby, thanks. I like the Sonos controllers, as well as being able to use the iphone and computer, but my speaker wire is already run and hanging from the ceiling. Also a blank cover plate by each room lightswitch would look kind of funny, I guess that's why I want wall mounts.

Maybe I'll try this in steps. My first concern is speakers as my painter is ready to spray my covers to match the ceiling so they blend in. I don't need the best, but I also don't want cheap. Any suggestions?

Thanks again,
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What is 4-wire low voltage ?

I ran atleast 4 Cat6 wires to TV locations - this gives me 1 for data, 2 for video distribution, and 1 for control.
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My initial plan needed 24v 4 wire, 14 or 16g.
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Why do you need 4 wires when 2 will do?
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What was your initial plan?
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The Audioaccess WHEN system.


It seemed like a good idea at the time, now I'm liking the Nuvo GC but I see it requires the speaker wires to be run to the basement while mine are run to each room controller, not sure which systems I can use now.

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I was just thinking, maybe not a good idea, but since the Nuvo system doesn't need the 14/4 wire I have running to each keypad would it be possible to tie the speaker wire to that to get it to the basement?

I'm pretty sure I used the same gauge wire for power and speakers, then I also have the Cat5 to each controller, hmmmmm.

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