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Love Onkyo sound but the Video?

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As the title says I love the sound the Onkyos have, however I have been on the fence forever about the video problem and haven't been able to pull the trigger.

I have read that the video is affected and degraded with hdmi input with video stuttering etc, even on pass through mode. Is this ONLY when the osd is on? I could live with turning the osd off when I have it set to my liking, but if the video is affected with it even off then I have to look elsewhere for a reciever as its a deal breaker for me.

I'm leaning towards the 608, the 260, or even the 6300 HTIB as I found a great deal online for it for 450 bucks but the deal ends tonight so I need to make a decision quick and dont want to regret spending my hard earned cash. Its not like I have a ton of money to blow on all of this.

Could someone PLEASE enlighten me on all of this ASAP? Its either the onkyo or if I could find a yamaha 667 deal I may go for that but prefer the onkyo.

BTW I have no experience in owning anything like this other than buying an insignia HTIB at best buy which I found out was made by okyno, but took it back b/c it only had 3 hdmi inputs but I really did love the sound it had.
Thank you!
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Wondering the same thing myself.
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mine is wonderful
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I had a SR604 which has been good. But that was pre-video processing days. At least before a lot of upconversion.

I've heard the folks at Onkyo don't really support customers with firmware upgrades. But their receivers tend to have the most features. I thought about going Denon, but their 1911 doesn't have Front High/Wide options.
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A couple of "I've heards" on this thread.

Any basis in fact, or just "I've heard"?

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