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Speakers for under 500????

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I'm looking to upgrade my bedroom speakers (5.1) and really stumped on what I should invest my money in. I need left and right fronts, and rears. (The bigger the speaker the better. I don't believe in Bose s*it) I like the idea and look of floorstanding fronts a lot more than bookshelves on stands but I can't seem to find any thing worth buying in my price range expect for Pioneer fs51's. The problem with that is that they will be much too short which will require I build stands for them. So perhaps bookshelves? If so, which ones? For rears I was thinking about Energy CB-5's or Polk Monitor 40's but nothing is set in stone.

Keep in mind I am on a very tight budget and the real magic number should be $400. So anything over $500 will most likely not be taken seriously.

Also keep in mind that the fronts are pretty much my main priority so having higher quality fronts compared to rears is better in this case.

Thanks for the help, and suggestion under $500 is valued.
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Used is your friend.

New: Bejringer 2030p's or Infinity Primus 162's would work (either should be get-able for about $150 a pair). You might need to do some combination of phantoming the center and getting whatever craigslist has to offer for surrounds... just don't neglect getting a sub (Dayton has a decent on at around $150).
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Crutchfield stil has the Infinity Primus P162's


5 of them would fit your price range
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