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Comcast Cisco DTA30 audio static

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I'm in Houston/Comcast service area and just installed my Cisco DTA30 due to their conversion to all digital. The picture is acceptable, based on what I'd expect from a coax modulator - channel 3 TV input.

But the audio is terrible. It has significant background static. And the sound is very quiet unless you jack up the volume relatively high on both the TV and DTA. I've tried this on 2 TVs, a 2005 tube Samsung, and a 1990's tube Sony. Both have good video and audio when using coax modulators in VCRs. I used the relatively decent grade coax cable included with the DTA to attach it to the TV.

I'm fairly certain the cause is either poor design or cheap components in the DTA. It was incredibly stupid of Cisco/Comcast to use coax modulator over a composite/s-video and audio inputs.

Has anyone experienced audio static with this DTA or other Comcast DTAs? Any chance it is defective? Or any ideas for solutions?

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You may have an audio conflict between the tv and dta. Meaning your tv and dta a fighting for volume control. Try setting to dta volume as high as it can go then down a couple notches then turn then program the dta remote to your tv so that it doesn't change the dtas volume level and only the TVs. If you cannot for some reason program to your tv you will be best served using 2 remotes the dta to change channels and your tv remote for volume.

The problem is that when using both the volume control in the dta and the tv one will be low so you crank up the other which causes the static and other issues and vice versa. This will also cause issues if you use a dvd and/or vcr with this tv as you may get blasted out of your seat when you put in a DVD because the volume on the dta was so low you had to crank up the tv volume. You need to set the dta to a fixed level and don't change it. Then only change the volume through the tv.

Hope that's as clear as mud.
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That was clear. Unfortunately I didn't mention that was one of the things I tried. I also tried it again since you mentioned it and it didn't help. The sound is either much too quiet to hear with light static, or adequate volume with loud static.

I tried setting the dta to 2 clicks from max volume, 75% volume, and 50% volume, and controlled volume with tv. Out of curiosity and an attempt to try all alternatives, I also tried the opposite, fixing the tv volume and controlling from dta. Nothing improved the situation.

Thanks for the suggestion though.
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I tried again. This time I rescanned all the channels on the TV, setting it to "air" rather than "cable". Now (with the DTA volume set to max) the DTA video and audio is acceptable on channel 3. There is still a touch of audio static, but I think it will be tolerable.

Damn Cisco and Comcast for providing such a crappy product, without even a composite or S-video and audio output. That's been standard for over 20 years.
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