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Time warner hd box? Hdmi cable?? Please help.

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I have a Samsung PN50c550 50" 1080p Plasma TV. I got it hooked up to an HD Time Warner Box this weekend however the image on most channels does very strange things. I get an error message that reads "your tv does not allow display of this program through the dvi input source. please chose another tv input source." The image is often pushed over to the right so that a significant portion of the screen is cut off OR cut off on the bottom (so that if I press info on the cable control I can only see the very top of the info bar, for instance). The pic size is at 16:9 but even when I scroll through all different size options that actual image is the same - cut off regardless of size. Strangely enough, when I press the source button on the tv and and scroll through the different sources and go back to the one the cable is on (HDMI 1) it significantly fixes the picture but i have to do that whenever i switch the channel. Also, while more image content appears and the picture is centered (once I've scrolled through the sources etc) it still cuts off a bit of the left and right. Scores, for instance, that are posted on the left and right margins show at least 2 digits cut off. Same with text etc. The cable guy switched the box out for another one and it didn't fix the problem. I switched HDMI ports and that didn't work either. I'm wondering if it's the HDMI cable, the box or the tv. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!
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Does the cable box have HDMI output or are you using a DVI to HDMI back to your TV?
Try using the component connection out to TV. I went through similar issues with comcast
until I finally got a box with HDMI output.
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Thanks for the input.
I'm using an HDMI cable. The input appears on the screen labeled as HDMV/DVI for some reason. I will try component cables though I understand that the image quality is generally not as good with them. Also, from what I've read in other forums, using component cables didn't solve the problem.
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It appears you may be having some sort of copy protection issue. Going with component cables may very well help to resolve the issue and will NOT result in any noticeable picture degradation (some people even prefer component video over HDMI).
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Thanks. I will give it a try.
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Also try using a HDMI input port on your TV HDMI1 may be reserved for either DVI or HDMI and may not be siupplying the right EDID info back to your cable box.
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