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iTunes via DLNA to Samsung

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I hope I'm not repeating a topic already out there in the forums; I searched, but didn't quite find anything for this.

Have a MacBook Pro, and recently, brought home the Samsung UN46C8000 tv. After some searching online, realized Samsung doesn't have anything available for Mac (just a Windows-version software for media sharing.) So I downloaded TVMobili after some searches, and very quickly was able to view my photographs (residing on the Mac) wirelessly to the Samsung, which was my original goal. I then went on to try streaming my iTunes library content, and had very limited success. The vast majority of songs and videos (mostly purchased videos, a mix of purchased and CD-ripped songs) in my library came up on the Samsung as "file not supported"... I'm assuming much of this might be due to rights-protection on individual files? Or perhaps Samsung not supporting the underlying file format...

Anyway... my broad question is then, is there a way or software product, to allow me to play everything in my iTunes library, over my network connection to the Samsung? I don't have a huge collection of videos on the Mac, so it isn't ultimately a critical need. And I'm not really interested in getting all my songs to stream through the Samsung's speakers really, since I'd play them through the stereo if needed---but having had instant easy success streaming my photos to the tv, I was a little disappointed to find iTunes didn't play nice. I'd appreciate any advice or guidance...! Thanks!
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Apple TV2g
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Any software solutions for use on the laptop? I'm hoping to avoid buying yet another device... Thanks!
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Just randomly saw this thread. I think PS3 Media Server http://code.google.com/p/ps3mediaserver/downloads/list will do you what you need. As always with upnp/DLNA, expect some tweaking and format issues. Good luck. Please report back with your findings.
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Originally Posted by mayhem13 View Post

Apple TV2g

I'm with this guy on the 2nd gen TV. I searched for ways to get content from my computers to the TV for a long time thinking I didn't want to buy yet another device. In the end it's the best device for the job. It will pull content from iTunes, it will accept content pushed from iTunes (AirPlay), does netflix, it's small and silent.

If everything you have is compatible with iTunes, meaning your video is encoded using h264 and your music is one of mp3, AAC or apple lossless, then the TV will just work. I had no end of issues trying to get content to my C630 via the DLNA functionality in it and my sony blu-ray player.
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Well worth the $100 as opposed to glitchy software. And if the OP has an iTouch, iPhone or Harmony remote then a no brainer on the control/functionality aspect as well.
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Thanks... (The PS3 download reads "Unstable" at the website, so I'll skip that for the time being.)
I guess I'll need to reconsider my stance on new gear...
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At least take a look at the AppleTV2. I bought one (I have the 1st gen too). It is so tiny and unobtrusive and seamless. My neighbor saw one and he bought two of them. $98 at Amazon with free shipping. No futzing, no frustration. You can use HDMI, optical, Wifi, wired ethernet, wifi remote or IR remote. Silent, no hard drive. Uses no power brick. 1 W during idle, less than 5.9 Watts maximum. Opportunity for software updates and AppStore.

I guess I have pimped it enough
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I have a samsung tv and used the DLNA for awhile. Found myself not using it at all after a short period of time because it was so clunky. Bought the ATV2 when it came out and couldn't be happier. It's well worth the $.
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