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Mcintosh ma6600 Integrated Impressions

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Any owners of this model out there like to chime in? Thanks in advance..
Can't decide betweeen ma6600 vs ma7000. I don't think the extra 2K is justified for a 5 Band EQ I'll never use & 50 more watts a channel I don't believe I'll ever miss. I also like the tuner option with the 6600...
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I've owned a 6600 for about 2 years. It is a truly amazing piece of equipment. If you like the Mac house sound, you won't be disappointed. When auditioning, I did listen to the 7000 and like it a lot too but didn't feel the differences between the 2 justifed the extra dollars. One man's opinion only.
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What's the "Mac house sound"?
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I have the 7000. I run it with a pair of Revel Ultima Salon 2's and am really pleased with the sound. Price was not really a factor when I bought the Amp so I never really considered the 6600 so I cannot say one way or the other how close the two compare.

I am sure you will be happy with either one though, there's not to many people running Mac stuff who aren't happy campers.
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The McIntosh MA6600 has two distinct advantages over the MA7000.

1. The ability to trim the various input sources so that all levels are match. i.e. TV Volume & CD volume are relatively the same 'Volume" when you switch inputs.

2. The ability to add the TM2 tuner module - thus turning the Integrated Amp into a Receiver.

The draw backs.

1. No Balanced out (could be used for a sub-woofer or a 2nd room Amp)

2. One Balanced in (debateable - really only if you have more than one McIntosh Source (CD, DVD, Server,etc)

3. MA6600 has Firmware- that can have tons of issues i.e re: McIntosh C50

4. No 5 Band EQ

5. No manly rack handles

are the drawbacks worth $2000?
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