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What are the benefits of going with RS-MaxxMudd over Silver Fire?

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i tried searching, but I kept on getting old threads. Not being sure if those discussions related to older versions of the mixes or not, I thought I'd just open up a new discussion about it.

What are the differences between Silver Fire and RS-MaxxMudd? I know Silver Fire is meant for situations with lots of ambient light and RS-MaxxMudd is meant more for light controlled setups. So the silver fire screen wont look as washed out when all the lights are on. But will the Silver Fire screen look just as good (same black/color/white levels) as the RS MaxxMudd screen when all the lights are turned off?

Seems like the Silver Fire is a better mix than the RS MaxxMudd. But what are the cons of going with the SF screen? If the SF screen looks just as good as the RSMaxxMudd when the lights are turned off, why not just go with the SF screen all the time over the RS?

This is my basement

Screen will be on the wall straight ahead. the total dimensions of the room is 14'x26'. The proj will be about 11' from the screen (where the wires are hanging down from the ceiling). Lights will be turned off when the wife and I are watching movies, but when the guys are over for a game, I cant have it completely dark. So the rear set of 4 lights might be on 50% dimmed setting in those situations.

It will be around 90% movie watching in the dark, and 10% game watching with some lights on. Proj is Epson 8700

I appreciate any thoughts.
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how big is your screen going to be? That aspect might make people chime in as well. As far as the difference between the two paints, I would like to know this as well....
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screen is going to be 100-110"
seating will be around 12-14' from screen
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any thoughts, anyone?
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Originally Posted by aharami View Post

any thoughts, anyone?

OK...so I'm a slow thinker.

RS-MaxxMudd shot onto a 100" diagonal (48" x85") sheet of Thrifty White Hardboard....or 110" screen painted directly onto the wall, with your PJ mounted optimally will give you great results. SF of course can be better at ambient light performance because it can be made much darker...but just the same, no one has ever stated a SF screen lost one teeny bit of "PoP" in the dark. In fact, since SF also helps a PJ's ( & screen's) perceived contrast as seen on the Screen, in actuality SF is almost always the superior choice. It's all about the extra effort to assemble the SF that leads some to shy away. Nothing about it's dark room attributes is to be considered anything except extraordinary.

Just be advised that SF was derived from RS-MaxxMudd origins, and was itself responsible for showing people on this Forum that contrast enhancement was obtainable without crushing whites or colors...at all. It was and is, and will remain an excellent choice for any controlled & directed low ambient light situation or dedicated "Dark Room" Theater application.

Your room's deswign seems to be heading in the right direction, so essentially your options are varied and many.

Everyone should always be so lucky!

Now...off to the Beach.
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