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Sony Qualia 004.. Bulb questions: Source for Bulb? How to set lamp to hi/low power?

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I like my Qualia so much that I am wondering if I should buy an extra bulb..
Currently, the bulb has 1500 hrs.. It was run at low power.. And already, I have one extra bulb..
Therefore there is really no rush.. Just trying to gather info and plan for future..
Is there an alarm notification for bulb replacement? I assume bulb life is not timer based?
What is the source for new bulbs? Hopefully not $3000?
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The projector will give you a warning towards the end of the lamp life.

I think there may be one good source for these lamps on the internet but 2,000 hours is a lot. If it lasts you 2 years you may want to buy newer technology such as LED rather than buy another PE lamp. BTW, when you change the lamp do you intend to recalibrate the projector? That's another expense.
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Do not buy a bulb with 750 hours or more as the light output drops logarithmically over time. that bulb is worthless.

Call Atlas Bulb. New bulb under $1000. They have the same bulb Sony uses. There's a thread here about how to place it in the housing of your cuuent bulb. Perhaps TRYG started it. Do a search under 'Qualia Bulb'.
1 (813) 238-6481

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i think i still have the original Sony PowerPoint for replacing the lamp.

I'm out of town but if you PM me on Friday when I return I'll look for it.
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Wow! Thanks guys! Thats fantastic news.. Now, I can enjoy my Qualia in peace.. The power point presentation would be nice..
Please email it to me: audvid at ameritech.net
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I replaced the lamp and filter at 1743 hours.. thanks for the extra lamp, Michael Ferrara..
but I don't know how to reset the lamp hours.. I am still getting the message "replace lamp/filter".. how do I get rid of that?
Thank you..
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PM sent
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solution suggested was:
"unplug the power to the projector, wait about 2 minutes then plug it back in.

If that doesn't work then unplug again, wait 2 minutes, plug in then RESET - LEFT - RIGHT - ENTER then turn it back on.

Last option is repeat above but RESET - RIGHT - LEFT - ENTER the turn it on."

But this did not work.. The message to replace the bulb is still showing up..
and the hours are not reset..

Also, what are the expected lamp life hours in low mode?
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Try the first set of reset directions but this time put the projector in STANDBY mode plugged in then RESET - LEFT - RIGHT - ENTER - power ON

If that doesn't work, i'll ook for the powerpoint.
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Thanks.. it worked!! but if you do have the power point and not too difficult to look for please send it to
audvid at ameritech.net
I now know how to replace the lamp; i used the printed sheet.. but another member has emailed me and asked me for it.. I am sure he would appreciate it.
Thank you.
BTW, what is the estimated lamp life in high and low power mode?
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High - 1500 hours
Low - 2000 hours
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The 004 with a new lamp must be sweet!
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still looking for a vpl310 thanks !!!!!!!!!!!
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if you have a mid or long throw to trade, I have a 310

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Yes Dan
I have the mid (ZP400)
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Originally Posted by J.Mike Ferrara View Post

The 004 with a new lamp must be sweet!

Yes, it is Mike.. it is fantastic! thanks!!
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Zim, PM me we may have a deal. Let me verify that mid will do what I want.

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Thank you so much for think phone number.

i am sending my lamp and housing to them so they can put in a new one and then overnight back to me.

I have looking for to many hours and days for a solution.

You made my day!!!!

Thank you!

Bobby Carlson
Dream Systems
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Hi guys
I still have my Qualia and I want the replace the bulb ! Is it easy , Do It Myself ?
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PM sent.
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I have the instructions needed to replace the qualia.
I can scan and email them to you, if you wish.
Its very easy to replace the lamp, even if the projector remains hung on the ceiling.
I replaced the lamp in my projector, very recently.
You need two philips screwdrivers.
One comes with the new lamp/projector. This is the short one - no more than 1.5" in length from the tip to the end of the handle.. You might not be able to buy something this small.. If you need to borrow mine, let me know.. but I need it back.

You will also need a long screw driver - with a 9" philips stem (the metal rod has to be 9" long - typical philips screwdriver, but long).

Send me a PM with your email and I can scan and send you the instructions..
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btw, the instructions to reset the lamp hours are:
standby mode. Plugged in but projector is not turned on.
Reset, <-, ->, enter and then turn the power on.
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