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I built a 10cu ft box last year with a 12" port 17" long two free ends for a 35Hz tune last year for a guy. He never paid up. He was planning on two Fi BTL 18's and an AP30001D.

What is the cheapest sub that would perform decent in it? People around here either don't have money and want me to find them stolen gear for dirt cheap, or they waste it at the local shops and get crap for eighteeen times their value. When summer comes I'll get people beating down my door, I need to sell this box, whats the cheapest subs I can drop in there yet still get decent performance with a cheap 1000 watt amp? Mind you none of these people will have $$$ to get a solid 2kw-3kw amp, nor BTLs or anything else good. These people want two 12" rip-offs for under $50 with an amp and box.

I modeled the BTL, Q, SSD, and IB3 for shits...doesnt have to be Fi.

SSD and Q look ok I guess, nothing I'd or any of us would want.