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Hi, new to the forum, and have a Zenith C34W37 34-Inch Widescreen HDTV that I bought in 2004. It's on-screen channel information is very brief, unlike newer sets and DT converter boxes. Is there a way to upgrade the software to get more detailed program information?

Also, have any others that have this same TV used it as a monitor display using the DVI input? I've gotten some incredible photo quality display images using a HD video driver card, the best I've ever seen, better than the Sony Trinitron monitor I have, but it is only displaying 4:3 not 16:9. Any way to change this?

And another question maybe worthy of another thread, has anyone used a wireless LAN connection to use the HDTV as a monitor in a home WiFi system, elliminating the long data cable to my PC? Picture quality?