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HDTV, or 3DTV?  

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Given the choice, which would you rather have - HDTV, or SDTV in 3D without glasses? Now, I love my HDTV, but TV in 3D would be damn sweet, even at the lower resolution!
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You can have both, just place a dark lens over your right eye while you are watching a HD program. Of course, there has to be movement to get the 3D effect. I want HD color holograms, now that would be cool.
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marissadad, how does that work?
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Jakehall - the effect is called the Pulfrich effect. You can find out a little more about it here:


and there's a little demo here:


Several specials have been broadcast using this effect, and they usually tell you where to pick up free glasses. The first, I believe, was a Coke commercial during a Superbowl about 10 years ago. One of the more recent was Sharks on the Discovery Channel (well, if they don't do HD, maybe they can do 3D). :-)

Do a Google search on Pulfrich and you'll find a lot more on this effect.

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