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Is my Vantage C-Box worth anything?

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Hello all,

Our home came with a vantage lighting setup when we purchased it 3 years ago. I'm looking into doing a wholesale replacement with Insteon bits, as I like to tinker, and don't have the budget to upgrade via Vantage (Infusion).

My question is:

Would my Vantage C-Box be worth anything to anybody considering a vantage install? I was told by one of the local companies doing an audit on the house system that I could receive a discount of several thousand dollars on a new Vantage Infusion system just by having the C-Box in my possession. I'd love to sell it if I thought it would be worth it.

Thanks in advance!
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The C box itself is not worth much (less than $100) to anyone except a Vantage homeowner that needs to replace their unit.
A Vantage system, even Qlink IMO should be head over heels better than Insteon.
An upgrade to Infusion (which is much powerful than Qlink) is only necessary if you want to add av, cameras, touchscreens to your system.
The upgrade to Infusion is in a new controller and programming, probably nothing else.
How many Vantage switches are there in your home? Is the system wired, RF, or a mix?
If you are techie you may be able to get a copy of the Q link program and modify your existing program youself.
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Thanks very much for the quick reply.

It's a mixed unit - wired and RF. I am somewhat of a techie, and managed to find qlink a few years ago. It's got about 6-8 keypads, some of which are in not so great shape.

I'd love to keep it around, but the cost of doing a wholesale upgrade for my small house seems a little prohibitive at this point. I figured insteon would be a little more forgiving.

I think one local installer quoted me about $300 per keypad, and maybe between 10-15k for a full infusion system, minus 3k or so for the existing system discount.

The full insteon system I could probably have for +- 2k.
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What did you end up installing?
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I'd PM him. Last post here 1/11.
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If you replaced your system, do you have any of the old dimmers around? I have a vantage system in my detached garage/shop and it was struck by lightning. All the dimmers were shot. I managed to find a bunch of single gang dimmers on ebay for a good deal, but I can't find any of the following:

single gang/6 button dimmers
2 gang/6 button dimmers

If you have any let me know, I'd be interested in maybe taking them off your hands.
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