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Where to find a contractor/company to pull CAT5e/CAT6 through my home?

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We moved into our near 100 year old house last year. It's a 3 story colonial that's been renovated a couple of times in the last 15 years, including once back in 98 when the owner installed a great (for the time) HT.

There are more than enough R6 drops in the house, but I need to add about 10-15 CAT5e or CAT6 drops on all 3 floors and the basement. I also want to run a few HDMI cables in the HT and some other tidying up as I adjust the position of the mount for the projector.

As I am new to this I was looking for some advice on where you find someone to pull network cable through an existing home. I am not sure I need the expertise of a full on HT installer to do this, but, I do want it done correctly.

I searched the forums and didn't see anything that answered this for me.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Bump. Anyone? I am in northern NJ if it makes a difference.
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Yeah, a location helps if you're looking for a direct reference...

You can check the CEDIA dealer database (www.cedia.net) and give a few of them a call in your area to see if they'll do that type of work. Otherwise, best bet may be a security installer, as they tend to get a lot of difficult retrofit work and may be the most experienced.

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You may wanto ask a full blown AV designer anyways for references.

The designer don't do everything himself, he contracts out the "dirty" stuff, so most likely he know a few good cabling contractors.
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I think that the idea of security installers being more adept at retrofit work is mostly legend.

Sure there are some older, experienced security installers that are experts at retrofit, but nobody retrofits security anymore - not wired. Wireless has gotten to the point that it nearly matches hardwired for reliability, and an installer would be a fool to run a new cable for a contact sensor. Been that way for a while.

I think you should get some quotes through a CEDIA referral for the hardwired retrofit, and also discuss the reliability of a well-designed wifi system with each of the salesmen. Not all AV installers will be experts in IT, though. Might have to call a few, and check references, to find the best. ANYONE can install a wireless system, but not many can do a 100% reliable setup, using 1 or more wireless access points.

If you decide on wireless, and can't find a CEDIA referral company with enough IT expertise, you may be able to contact a local commercial IT/network firm that also does residential.

Maybe a mix of wired (in the rooms easy to retrofit) and wireless - hopefully you can find someone through CEDIA.
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Retrofitting cables takes a lot of time (and money), if you want to preserve drywall.

If you don't mind a bunch of holes in your drywall (that are usually pretty easy and cheap to fix), it's actually pretty quick.

So you need to decide if you want to go wireless, patch/paint those rooms that get wired, or pay the extra to preserve drywall.

I'm retrofitting a bunch of cables in my home, myself. I have the luxury of taking my time to do it well. An installer would not have the benefit of a month to explore and decide how to run a cable without damaging drywall, or drilling into a pipe or line-voltage cable.
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Maybe you'll get lucky, and the retrofitted RG6 coax cables aren't stapled to the studs inside the wall, and can be used as pull strings for new cables.
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Thanks for the responses.

I think I am going to research the wireless option a little more as it looks like I might be able to do what I need if I can get a decent 802.11N signal in the rooms where I want the drops. I can just put a DD-WRT repeater bridge there for the wired needs.

Failing that, I'll go back to the wired option. I don't care too much about the drywall as fixing that is a cheap and easy task.
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