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Review - Square Connect SQ Blaster with SQ Remote App
Author: Jim Bask, RemoteShoppe

If you're looking for the latest and greatest universal remote than you have to consider using an Apple iDevice (iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad) where the technology and options are growing faster than any other segment in the business. Controlling your AV equipment with your iPod requires a combination of hardware and software from the AppStore - much like the solution we are reviewing today. The Square Connect SQ Blaster hardware converts the WiFi signal from your iPod to an IR signal to control your home theater equipment.

The device itself is available in either a Cherry wood or Bamboo finish which look very nice with the decor of traditional wood furniture and is a refreshing change from the piano black and gloss-white finishes that have become obligatory for iPod accessories. After all, the SQ Blaster is an accessory for your home, not just your iPod.

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