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Suggestions for curved cabinet, front ported or sealed for music

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Looking to build a pair of speakers for my small office (10'x10') that will be strictly for music. I'd like to do a curved cabinet stand mounted bookshelf or floorstanders. Looking for suggestions on proven/documented speaker and crossover designs.

Budget: ~ $400 for speaker components not including cabinet materials

- FR down to low 40's, unless I would be better off doing a matching sub or pair of subs as the base of the stands, which brings up the question of how I power them all and cross them over...

- Front ported or sealed, they will be placed close to a wall about 6' apart

- Curved cabinets - I have a decent amount of woodworking skills and tools, and would like to adapt a squared cabinet design maintaining the same volume. Just thought I'd mention since I will probably do a build log.

- Proven design - I would like to assemble my own crossovers which I think I can manage with some research, but want a design thats already done (first time around I'm not interested in measuring/experimenting much with the electronics, the curved cabinets will be enough of a challenge for now...). I'll keep the overall volume and baffle layout the same, and just modify for a curved side design.

Build's I like so far (want something similar from a size/aesthetic standpoint):
RBR Curved Cabinet Build
Modula MT Curved Build

I don't see where you can get either the Modula MT or RBR kits anymore, if these are still available somewhere the might just work?

Also off topic, but looking for source/amp suggestions (I might do something like an Emotiva 2-channel amp or something used?? I'll post separately in the right section if I don't get any suggestions here..). I guess it is kind of on topic as its related to the sensitivity of whatever speakers I end up building.

I've done a little browsing around but nothing stood out except those builds I linked, which I can't seem to find. Any suggestions appreciated!
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Also have seen good reviews on Mini Statements, which I think are a little more. I guess I would be willing to go up to $500+ if I was really confident that the design would be worth it, but would like to stay lower if possible. I still have to buy an amp or receiver to go with this..
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Any suggestions at all? Anyone know where I can still get kits for RBR, Modula MT or Natalie P?
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The RBR is using a scan speak sliced paper woofer. I'm not certain what tweeter it is without looking it up, but the woofers are over $200 a piece, so those speakers are well out of your price range.

The RBR looks like it was replaced by the Minuet 5A which is $915 for a pair without cabinets. The Modula MT might be in your price range, but it was never a kit as far as I'm aware. You'll have to order all of the parts and assemble your own crossovers.

For a proven design that will be great from a cost/performance perspective that's available as a kit I'd look at the Zaph Audio 5.X speakers at Madisound. The 5.3 MTM would probably be plenty large enough for a 10 x 10 room (the 5.2 might even do it with no problem) and they'll come in under budget. The 5.5 is going to be too large for your room. The cabinet design can be modified to use a curved cabinet provided the baffle dimensions and cabinet volume are kept the same.
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You can always take the easy way out and order the PE curved back cabinets.
They are available in various size/volumes and finishes. If you are already building something around that size, it is tough to beat them. Plus the have replaceable front baffles so you can try different driver configs without trashing them.

Link Here.
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Thanks for the suggestion on the enclosures, but I'm into woodworking and would like to build my own cabinets. Also, I'd like to assemble my own crossovers, just not design them. I'm interested in the build process and DIY, and this project is to hopefully get my feet wet at an intermediate level.

I thought I saw that the rbr kit was <$600 when it was available which is why it peaked my interest. But I think that was a sale thing that's now over.
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The Zaph 5.3 MTM or 5.3t TMM look like good suggestions, thank you. I'll have to look at the FR on the Zaph site a little more, my only concern is they don't go quite as low as I'd like, but maybe that's a sacrifice I'll have to make at this price point.
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