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Repair SR705 or Replace?

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Hi all,

Today I had some great custom cabinets installed in my LR. While hooking my SR705 back up it took minor bump to the HDMI Out port while a HDMI cord was plugged into it and the port's contacts were damaged and now I have no HDMI out. Man, it seems like it's always something, it kind of bums me out to get my living room just like I dreamed of having it just to hit a snag as I crossed the finish line.

I've had this unit since just after they were released, it's not under warranty, and a warranty wouldn't cover this anyhow. So, I opened it up and looked inside, the HDMI ports are on a card that looks replaceable. I'm not sure what it would cost for such a repair though.

So I'm wondering is it worth the trouble/expense to repair or should I look at replacing it? If so what would I replace it with another Onkyo? Something else?

Anyone know what $$$ is involved with the repair? Expensive? Time consuming?

Thanks for any input, advice and suggestions!

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Well, I checked into service for this unit today and came away disappointed and frustrated in my options for service/repair/parts from ONKYO. The only service "near me" is in Denver 800 miles away. I could fix this unit myself but can't the parts myself. Have to ship to and from Denver paying pretty high amounts on the heavy unit and facing a service fee of about $230 plus part cost. The lady I spoke to said she didn't know the part cost since it had not been "diagnosed" by them. I told her what part it needs since I saw it get damaged and did some basic troubleshooting to determine that "yes" the HDMI output is bad. I actually pulled out the piece of broken contact material from the port so I know all it needs is the HDMI card.

Anyhow with an estimated repair cost that is rapidly escalating I think I'll replace it. What a waste though. Anyhow I won't buy another ONKYO after finding the service center being so far off and them unwilling to sell me a part for my out of warranty unit.

So what to buy? I've never really used anything other than ONKYO in the past 23 years.
It's too bad really, I've always had good luck with their gear and enjoyed it.

So anyone have any recommendations for a comparable AVR from a company with more realistic service options?


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I would say go to your local Best Buy, Fry's or any other electronic Home audio/video store and see what brand might fit your needs. Listen to a few receivers and go from there.
Also, you might want to check out the manufacturer's warranty policy. I know Yamaha has a 2 year warranty. Pioneer non elite 1 year, Elite 2 years. Other brands I dont know off hand.

Just a side note. From all the different threads Ive read. I have learned that Onyko customer service isn't all that great. I myself having never experienced this. But just from what I'm gathering...I might stay away from a company that gives you very little to know support in time of need.

Myself I own a two year old Pioneer. But I'm currently looking at the Yamaha 667.
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I would start by looking at a few brands like Denon,Pioneer and of course Yamaha. Look in websites or email them to see if any of them have service locations near you. Near me I'm fortunate enough to have service locations within 30 miles for all three of these brands. It does seem that Onkyo does not have a very good network for service. I was told the same thing when I contacted them about what I would need to do if I had to have a firmware update problem with my 876, ship to Denver. That was a nervous 20 minutes loading that firmware. These other three seem to have a much better network. There are some very good models in each of these brands. A little research on this service thingy may save you a lot of money in the long run. Decide on a budget and then choose your brand and model.
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I spent some time last night researching replacement options. Kinda leaning toward a Denon (3 yr factory warranty and all). I don't have any personal experience with Denon but am pretty familiar with their reputation over that past 30ish years.

The 2311 and 3311 models seem to be fine units at decent price points. I suppose I'll do a bit more research and comparison of these two models. Hopefully some folks with personal experience with these will chime in and offer their personal opinion.

I suppose it will be worth my time to investigate their customer service, etc. before buying, and any other brand I'm considering (pioneer).

Actually, since I've got to go out of town, into the city, next week it will be a perfect opportunity for me to stop in a Frye's, etc and listen to several units, hopefully I'll find all my considerations available for
a listen.

Thanks for the input! It is appreciated and valued!
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The DIY set of threads has an excellent thread on repairing the HDMI cards on the '06' vintage Onkyo receivers. The repair thread is on replacing electrolytic capacitors which deteriored with heat and age. You might contact the individual who started up the thread and ask about your situation.

Some individuals have damaged either the rca connections on their receivers or subwoofers when they have moved them with the cables connected. The cables generate sufficient torque to cause the soldering holding the connector in place to come loose. A few of them were able to quickly and easily repair the connection themselves.

You could check whether the soldering has pulled loose. If the actual HDMI circuit board is cracked or has an interconnect on the board has separated, then you likely need an entire new HDMI board (which is likely not a cost effective repair).
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