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How do I find out if a new model supports Pal or not ? - Page 2

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amckiney, can you say which LG TVs you tested positive with regards to PAL support? I contacted LG US and they claim none of their TVs support PAL....

I've also looked at manuals which confirm this.

So, it could be that their tech support doesn't really know but I need some
sort of confirmation, I'm specifically interested in their PZ plasma series.

Any help is much appreciated

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Although the specs don't indicate it, the LG 47LW6500 supports PAL and 576P resolution. I suspect that the xxLW5600 devices also support PAL since the only difference between these sets is that the xxLW6500 are 240Hx while the xxLW5600 is 120Hx.

I discovered this in playing some Region 2 DVDs that I picked up in the UK on a recent trip. I popped one into an Oppo 93 BluRay player that had been modified to be region-free for DVDs (not BluRays) and first played the DVD specifying NTSC conversion and 1080P output.

After that worked, I decided to try a no conversion option. To my surprise, it worked. The Info display on the TV set confirmed that it was playing 576P.
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My 55" Vizio accepts PAL through HDMI but not through component or composite inputs. I can get around that however by hooking a composite PAL source into my Pioneer receiver and it will send that to the TV and display it.

All DVD players I've seen that can convert PAL to NTSC show video-based material at the wrong frame rate- it looks more like film than video. If your TV can show a straight PAL signal, it will show it at the right frame rate.
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The best way to obtain PAL compatibility is to use PAL - capable DVD / bluray players and HDMI connection. HDMI signal that hits the TV is one-and-the same with either NTSC or PAL source disk.

I've verified that this is NOT true- my parents have a Samsung TV so I wanted to check PAL compatibility on that. It previously displayed "Mode Not Supported" when I tried to play a PAL DVD through its component inputs. This time I brought my modified Toshiba HD-A20 player and hooked that up with HDMI, both directly to the TV and going first through the A/V receiver. The player is set to upconvert everything to 1080P, but the TV still said "Mode Not Supported" when playing a PAL disc. It displayed a picture only when playing an NTSC or HD-DVD. The player's onscreen menus are in PAL by default when the player turns on so on this TV you will get no signal until you play a compatible disc, then the menus will stay in NTSC mode until another PAL disc is played or the player is turned off.

It would be nice if there were some 'official' listing somewhere of what US equipment does and does not support PAL. Seems like most people don't know about this; I worked at Tower Records' customer service the last few years they were in business and a number of people would order PAL DVDs and VHS tapes then return them when they would not play. I told those who took the time to listen how to go about watching PAL DVDs, VHS tapes of course are a little trickier as you need a multi-standard VCR.
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I play MKVs made from PAL DVDs on my Samsung. It plays them through the USB as well as HDMI on the PC. Since I don't play discs directly I don't know how the TV handles them, but based on my file playing I'd say that a TV doesn't have to be PAL capable to play 576i/p. These are 25hz frame rate video, and tests I did in BB confirm that LG sets can play them. What stops PAL video from playing is the region code, and my files don't have that (or it's been changed to Region 0).
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I just moved to Europe with my US Sharp Aquos, and I was expecting that it would works through the HDMI. Unfortunately it is not working.

Regarding power, this works perfectly fine. It handles the 220v 50 hz perfectly.

My TV has a PAL function, so I am able to use it with RCA cable. Then, as I read in a lot of forum, HDMI should be universal. However, the TV shows : unrecognized signal with HDMI. What could be the problem? I suspect the 25 frame per minute, but it is working in analog mode, so I am a bit confused.

I use it with a satellide/Blue ray receiver. When loading a North American DVD, I am able to get video through HDMI. When switch back to TV tuner, I can only used the analog output.

I also try to reset the TV, and it is still not working. Most people reports that Sharp Aquos is working in Europe. Please help!

My TV is : Sharp Aquos LC46D62U
I use a Euro satelitte receiver/BD: Samsung BD-E8309S
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