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Screen for use in a living room.

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I really would like to here some opinions from you, who have knowledge in a setup like this.

My situation is that our home theatre is located in the living room, which has light colored walls and sealing, but is light controlled and always completely dark when we watch movies. The projector is a JVC RS25/HD950 and the screen is a gray screen with gain 0.8 but unfortunately very grainy in structure which has bordered me for years.

Now when I have got an opportunity for upgrading this screen I'm started to look for a replacement and already learned that this is actually not easy and seems to be some kind of a compromise. First of all I'm very sensitive to grainy structure and because of back reflected light from the light walls and sealing it needs to be a gray screen again for preserving contrast and black levels.

So far I have got screen samples from Stewart, FireHawk G3, GrayHawk G3 and GrayMatte 70.
From the beginning I was convinced about if I just could afford a screen from Stewart Film screen, then all my troubles would be solved. That's unfortunately not how things are, actually I'm very surprised about how grainy this Grayhawnk is, which was my hope before experienced it in reality, but it is grainy and even sparkling what my old screen at least not is. Then I got the GrayMatte 70 which I'm more satisfied about because the structure here is acceptable, but instead this screen seems to have a blue tendency, which just is a wonder to me how a company like Stewart can end up with a gray screen which not is true in color.

After several screen experience I have put my project somewhat on hold for a while, also because my price here in Denmark for a Stewart Screen is around 5500 USD, so it need to be the right one which can be used for many years.

Thank you very much so far.
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Many of us like the Da-Lite High Power material, which is retroreflective. It will do a nice job in rooms with white walls and ceiling. To be used effectively, the High Power requires that the projector be mounted at a height near that of the viewer's eye level when seated. Many of us in this forum also find this material to be virtually grain free. If you can accept a low projector mounting, I recommend you get a sample.
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FireHawk G3 from Stewart would be another consideration.
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You should also look at the Site Sponsored,
SI Black Diamond Screen...
They have a .8 gain or 1.4 gain screen.

From reading your post you should consider the .8 gain..
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I have an open concept type home with a living room HT that works well for me. My prior room was a dedicated theater room and we feel we get more use out of our current setup. I love using the Dalite High Power and in spite of the fact that my projector is far from being a light canon, it does a great job. However, if you have light walls it will be tough to optimize for FP. I have a white ceiling and would love to paint it dark. Unfortunately it would not fit in with the rest of the adjacent areas.
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