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Multi Tuner - Multi Monitor Out?

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Hey All,

I've been a longtime reader here at avs, and was wondering if this is possible.

I have the following setup:

htpc *(quad amd am3, 8gb ddr3)
Ceton quad tuner
Dual ATIhd vid cards *(both hdmi out)

Now, running from this 1 pc, is there a way to run 2 tv-shows on 2 seperate monitors at the same time?

I'm thinking of a setup for ncaa tourney time with multi-games on different screens, with 1 output going to just a tv, *(no sound), and a second "feature" tv with sound going through a 5.1.

Any ideas?

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You can't have different outputs at the same time, even with multiple video cards. You can, however, set up multiple media extenders and run them off the HTPC via a network connection. Check out this site for the ultimate Media Center Home Sports Bar setup:

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There's difficulty, but yes you can. I have had TMT on 1, PDVD on 2 and Autumn Wave GT on a third.
Also audio it seems is not that difficult as long as you have displays enabled.
As long as the tuner is capable of dual output. It is a PAIN as I have found no way of easy restart. Each time you have setup each display to output manually.
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not different outputs, but I'm looking more for having, for instance, 2 windows open in windows running 2 different channels off of 2 different tuners, on 1 OS. Also, I'm looking for ways to use my current setup without having to purchase extenders

What do you mean I can't have different outputs running at the same time? Multi-monitor setups have been around for ages, no?
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The streams part I completely agree with, but do you know of any software outside of WMC that can run multi-instances?
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I believe you can run multiple instances of SageTV Client.
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Just a quick search for one:
Plus, it supports multiple TV tuners or capture cards and allow you to watch the videos from different cards at the same time - I don't know if this means multi monitor.

Maybe http://www.gbpvr.com/

You could definitely watch a .ts recording on another display with TMT or PDVD or another while watching tuner on another.
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